Philippine president said China must respect the outcome of the arbitration in response to China-noreply

Philippine president said China must respect the arbitration results China’s response to the original title: August 25, 2016, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang held a regular press conference at the invitation of President Xi Jinping, President Nur of Republic of Kazakhstan Sultan · Shevich El · Mrs. Nazar Baye will be held on September 1st to 5 on Chinese working visit to the guests and heads of state attended the twenty leaders of the group of Eleventh summit. Q: Duthel Te, President of Philippines, said China must respect the outcome of the arbitration case in the South China sea. Whether this will affect the two countries to carry out dialogue between the two countries? According to reports, on the problem of drug crime Philippine foreign minister summoned the ambassador China. How do you respond to that? A: on the first question, we have repeatedly reiterated that China’s position on the so-called South China Sea arbitration is consistent and clear. Philippines, including the Philippine supreme leader recently said several times, hoping to open dialogue with China as soon as possible. As I said yesterday, we would like to open the Sino Philippine dialogue as soon as possible. Philippines is our friendly neighbor, although there are some problems between the two sides, but did not go past the Hom, the two sides can resolve differences through friendly consultations, we have confidence in this. We hold a positive and welcoming attitude to the talks between the two sides as soon as possible. On the second question, the drug is the common enemy of mankind. Combating drug crimes is the common responsibility of all countries in the world. The Chinese government has always been firmly committed to cracking down on drug-related crimes, with a strong will, a clear policy and remarkable achievements. The Chinese government has long been active in international cooperation in drug control. Understanding and support to China Philippines new government under the leadership of President Duthel Te give priority to the fight against drug crime policy, is willing to work with the Philippines to actively carry out cooperation in drug control, and to develop a joint action plan. Q: the death of former president Nathan Singapore before the funeral will be held tomorrow. Whether China will send representatives to attend? A: Mr. Nathan has contributed to the development of China EU relations during his term as president of singapore. We express our deep condolences to the death of Mr Nathan and express our sincere condolences to the government and people of Singapore and the families of Mr. Nathan. As far as I know, Singapore Embassy in China will hold open condolence activities this afternoon, will go to the leadership of the Ministry of foreign affairs Mr. Nathan. Q: what is China to the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea ended will overall how to evaluate? What is the impact of the North Korean test firing submarine missile on the meeting? A: the Chinese government has released the news in time for the meeting and the meeting. At the same time, I noticed that there are still some media reports in Japan are not consistent with the facts. The foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea will be in the relationship between three have held some difficult conditions. China has decided to attend the meeting, and with Japan and South Korea have a number of positive interaction, in itself to promote regional peace and development and improve the relationship between each other has constructive significance. In particular, the foreign ministers will be held on the eve of the group of twenty summit held in Hangzhou, Japan and South Korea have expressed their support for the successful holding of the Hangzhou summit, is willing to strengthen cooperation with china. Japan and South Korea also hope that under the auspices of the Chinese side, the summit can inject a strong impetus to the world economy, and to improve bilateral relations to provide positive factors. The Chinese side emphasized that the three party should overcome the difficulties in the spirit of "facing the history and facing the future".相关的主题文章: