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Phoenix Entertainment will create Jin Yong’s comic "eternal return" Mobile Games first Sina game entertainment news September 23rd news conference, held in Beijing brand strategy of Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Center, chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer Liu Changle JP and Phoenix Entertainment CEO Zhang Jiayun attended the conference and delivered a speech. Phoenix Entertainment in the brand strategy conference officially unveiled, marking the Phoenix Group after an international and diversified media group, to further expand the business landscape, and explores the transition from traditional culture industry to the Internet culture and entertainment ecosystem; at the same time, the establishment of the Phoenix Entertainment also makes the Phoenix Group has further may be deep in its original cultural industry field. The press conference, the core value of the concept of "innovation, Phoenix Entertainment, high-end international" for the first time officially announced at the same time, Phoenix Entertainment to create Jin Yong’s martial arts comic IP strategy as well as the imminent launch of the "eternal return" Mobile Games have emerged. Phoenix Entertainment company officially launched the Phoenix Entertainment ceremony CEO Zhang Jiayun to the Phoenix Liu Changle chairman of the board of directors of Phoenix Entertainment. Set on the end of Jin Yong’s martial arts comic IP intensive and meticulous farming as a newly established company, Phoenix Entertainment in the field of cultural industry has a profound accumulation of Phoenix Group for decades, but want to truly take great strides forward however, it is not easy; therefore, to create the Jin Yong martial arts comics IP became Phoenix Entertainment in the cultural entertainment section of the first strategy. Jin Yong studio on behalf of Mr. Li Yijian attended the press conference, Mr. Jin Yong’s martial arts is a treasure of Chinese culture around the world, Phoenix Entertainment obtained the fifteen martial arts novels and comics comic book exclusive right derivatives of the right of adaptation. Phoenix Entertainment CEO Zhang Jiayun said: "I hope that through the efforts of the Phoenix Entertainment, with a new approach to the interpretation of Jin Yong’s martial arts world; I am willing to do this to Jin Yong and Shu, a literary treasure of martial arts in the new era and continue to carry forward, go out of the country on the international stage". Mr. Jin Yong is willing to believe that all fifteen novels create comic IP work by Phoenix Entertainment, in addition to decades of strong culture and good brand reputation of trust in the "Phoenix Group", is a total of deep sincerity and genuine sense of moving from discourse. It is reported that Phoenix Entertainment has been invited to Amano Kita (the final fantasy series set) and Japan COMMONZ Corporation (ghost in the shell production team) in Jin Yong’s martial arts comic IP to create a support process, at the same time a number of top domestic cartoon production team has also been added to the job. Jin Yong cartoon Invincible Eastern mobile game "eternal return" first published in addition to cultural and entertainment area, Phoenix Entertainment also emerging in the game strategy forum. South Korea national game producer, "eternal tower" before the first mobile game producer pool can long new "eternal return" will be officially released. Conference site shows the eternal return of CG and video games. Exquisite picture of the game, and the specific performance, the original "urban construction" and "defense deployment" and other elements are reflected in the world’s first SLRPG game.相关的主题文章: