Photos 2016 days for Xiang Ping Chau day held in Hong Kong and Macao, in Hong

Photos: "2016 days for Xiang Ping Chau day" held in Hong Kong, Macao, on 25 August, the 21th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar each year, Hongkong Ping Chau will host called "days empress Xing Xiang" of the traditional ritual cultural activities, to pray for the disaster, bless the family safe return, this is the biggest the holiday island. On the 21th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar of this year (August 23rd), "Hong Kong Shopping Festival" and "Phoenix charitable foundation" in Peng Chau Island jointly organized "days for Xiang Ping Chau day", the public and tourists to enjoy the festive atmosphere of joy together, pray for Hongkong. 23 early in the morning, there are many residents of the island came to the temple incense to pray. Close to noon, luoguxuantian, firecrackers, after the parade started. Residents of the island to clothing color division multiple teams, composed of different teams square, carrying a banner, with all kinds of props to the temple before the lion dance. Then the drums sounded, the residents carry the flag Parade a week on the island, attracted many people stop to watch and take pictures of the scene is very lively. After the parade, the organizers also prepared 400 with rice, fruit and moon cake gift bags, to people, to attend the activities of volunteers, the elderly and people in need of Peng chau. "Hong Kong Shopping Festival" Deputy convener, Phoenix charitable foundation vice president Li Wufa said, as one of the largest island holiday days empress Xing Xiang to pray for the disaster, bless each year for the purpose of peace, have attracted a lot of people stop to watch. Through this event, the organizers hope that all sectors of the community, especially young people can better understand the local traditional culture, customs will continue. (Chen Yao Intern Huang Xiaxin) share to: ((Intern), commissioning editor: Liu Le Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: