Pingyin court of the original Executive Secretary for corruption was sentenced to the second trial a rainlendar

Pingyin court sentenced the former executive director of the second instance not added a new crime on the morning of 18 because of corruption, the Pingyin court of the executive secretary Lee stood in the Ji’nan intermediate people’s court, previously, because of corruption 50 thousand yuan to the Department issued a "bonus", he was in the court of First Instance sentenced guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to 2 year. It is understood that around 2011, when he was in the implementation of a land auction, the auction proceeds from 6 million 800 thousand, out of the 1 million 510 thousand, allocated to the buyer zhou. Subsequently, Zhou sent 50 thousand yuan to show gratitude. Because he refuses to accept the decision, appeal to the Ji’nan intermediate people’s court, the prosecution also conducted a protest that Lee guilty of corruption at the same time, due to unauthorized back to the buyer 1 million 510 thousand yuan land auction, also alleged breach of privilege. But Lee and his defenders believe that the land was not previously paid auction land leasing, and the total price includes the transfer of value-added income, therefore, a refund of 1 million 510 thousand yuan, did not cause any loss. Puzzling: there is no evidence of land use fees paid after the first instance, after a long time, the former executive director of the Pingyin court Li Moucai appeared in the Ji’nan intermediate people’s Court of second instance. The case is not very complicated, but the case is involved in the auction of land, did not pay the transfer fee, but in accordance with the relevant laws, the auction, it must be included in the calculation. After the successful capture of the buyer, the land transfer should be part of how to deal with, become one of the focus of controversy. Speaking of things from 2001, at that time, in order to attract foreign investment, Pingyin County comprehensive reform and opening up the experimentation area management committee and the Zhejiang Yueqing Boda Intelligent Instrument Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as broad) contract, set up broad Ji’nan Boda intelligent instrument company in Pingyin investment (hereinafter referred to as Ji’nan Boda contract agreement "), the enterprise covers an area of 60, land acquisition mu, the price of 2000 yuan per mu, 50 years service life. Time from October 16, 2001 until the end of October 16, 2050." The land is located in the village of Dong’e town of Pingyin county yamen, after the Department of land. October 18, 2001, Ji’nan has made extensive use of land for construction planning permits, the issuing authority for the construction of Pingyin County office. At the same time, the company has also made the use of state-owned land use rights, the issuing authority for the Pingyin county land resources bureau. It is puzzling that the company was incorporated in November 28, 2001, that is, before the establishment of the Pingyin county land department for its land use certificate. Defense lawyers said, at the outset, the Pingyin land sector is clearly illegal practice. Even more puzzling is that although the Ji’nan broad land and land use permits, but has not paid the land transfer record. This is also the solution to the problem later, buried a hidden danger. It is understood that after 2004, Ji’nan, Shandong, two levels of government departments have issued a document, the land mass as a collective nature of the land. Focus: auction, including the transfer of 1 million 510 thousand of the fund should not be returned later, due to poor management of large companies, but also owed money to the local town government, the defendant in court, so the land was auctioned by the court. Pingyin court of the court相关的主题文章: