Polar scene VR glasses mirror 5 low contrast delay is simply the first step of victory (video) mycoolboy

Polar scene VR glasses mirror 5: low contrast delay is simply the first step of the victory of Tencent Digital Su Yang mobile VR plays a role in the popularity of the mainstay of virtual reality, this kind of product is the biggest characteristic of portable, low barriers to entry. The market related products and Google CardBoard there are too many to count, based on a customized product, also have their own design algorithm, optimize the products for mobile devices, and on the experience, reduce the delay of the equipment is more outstanding use of algorithm optimization and external hardware. In this regard, the Samsung Gear VR Oculus OEM most well-known domestic do early the storm mirror, there is a possibility for most people to know, but the performance of Gear and VR of this kind of products at the same level is the very act launched fireworks workshop VR glasses, the price of 199 yuan, half the 5 mirror, so very curtain VR glasses in the end where and what is not the same place between the mirror and the storm? Low delay this point do very well for a virtual reality device, a key component of vertigo is the user experience, one of the necessary hardware and solve the problem of gyroscope vertigo. The direct use of common Carboard devices is the mobile phone gyroscope, delay is very obvious, the ideal solution is very like the curtain VR with external gyroscope, which is very VR, VR and Gear Act 5 storm mirror ideas are basically the same, which is why the three paragraph of God than the better place delay control. The immediate result is that vertigo is a good solution. But in the process of using, very scene VR overall delay control than the 5 storm mirror is better, it also cannot do without optimization in terms of the underlying algorithm and fireworks workshop applications, the official statement is based on distortion of asynchronous time (ATW), Unity Hack and Android optimization etc.. There is no doubt that this is the advantage of curtain VR at present, and the fireworks do at the bottom of the optimization, and the optimization of business in Google actually Daydream platform is similar, but Daydream high requirements for hardware, the popularity of some far away. There is a more interesting topic, vertigo also has a relationship with the user’s physical quality, some users may use VR no vertigo, but some users with halo, so the final user experience will because of physiological differences and different. The content is more important than the product logic when doing software design, conventional VR products are all packaging, concentrated in a Hub, such as Gear VR, although the need to install the driver and application of many, but later you can choose to download to be used in the independent app, can also be in the virtual Hub the first significant in which direct download. The storm mirror copied the Gear VR logic, only a storm mirror Pro, but the very act is somewhat different, it is the application of several independent. You may feel that in the virtual Hub download applications to wait, the experience is not good, so choose the development of independent applications, but for users to integrate together may be a more convenient choice. Of course, if the user is accustomed to such a separate mode of operation, then it is not.相关的主题文章: