Prawns to do so as long as five minutes, very fresh! – and Sohu kimi wo omou melodi

Prawns to do so as long as five minutes, very fresh! – Sohu and a pot of water, or a hot pot of oil, shrimp Hula down, a body from green to red, lingering aroma of the kitchen. The color change also brings a taste change, a bite of meat is tender and smooth, compact and elastic, even what spices are not, is enough to let you go, this is the unique charm of shrimp! As a kind of high nutrition food, shrimp protein content is fish, eggs, milk several times or even ten times, and its fat content is small, eat not fat. Such a good nourishing ingredients, ready to eat a pound of it! – boiled shrimp – material ingredients: shrimp 500 grams of materials: 1 teaspoon vinegar; 12 teaspoon soy sauce; onion ginger 1; 1; 1 small pepper; 2 grams of salt liquor; 1 tbsp water amount; 1 can put material prepared with ginger juice, 1 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon of vinegar, soy sauce 12 tea spoon to make a sauce, shrimp will be placed after dipping can; ginger juice: ginger cut into pieces after smashed out of juice, ginger juice to increase the effect of dispelling cold incense, live shrimp seafood is best not to the 2 market to buy, buy after the bag with ice water to stall and ice. Back to the water shrimp, rinse, and then, to prepare for the 2 pot of water, add ice reserve 3 add appropriate amount of water in the pot, add salt, scallion, ginger, pepper, boil 4 boiled water add 1 tablespoons of water after the shrimp liquor 5 Into the pot, stir gently let the heat evenly in 6 shrimp full color, 7 State off the fire off the fire water again bubble like boiling directly after intensive shrimp fishing into the first pot of ice water, then after a fishing into second pots of ice water until completely iced state 8 plate feeding juice you can eat it – Shrimp balls – material ingredients: Kung Pao shrimp 250 grams of peanut accessories: 1; 1 tablespoons sauce egg: 3 grams of salt; 5 grams of soy sauce; 4 grams of vinegar; 1 green onions; 1 small pepper 8 grams; starch; 1 small bowl of red pepper; pepper oil 3 grams of sugar 5; Yellow Wine grams; 1 spoonfuls of chili oil and a little practice; 1 red pepper cut into segments remove the seeds (so fried, spicy more rich) take cut onion onion, prawns pick shrimp prawns peeled, line 2 will go Head (shrimp head can do not throw 3 Xiayou) from shrimp back draw knife, pick shrimp line, then rinse 4 paper slightly dry the water with the flow of water, add salt, add egg white, Yellow Wine pickled starch sizing, frozen into the refrigerator for about ten minutes ahead of the 5 bowl Qian good Kung Pao. Modultion ratio is about 250 grams of shrimp or soy sauce: 1 tablespoons soy sauce (5 grams), 1.5 tablespoons sugar (5 grams), a little chopped green onion, vinegar 1 tablespoons (4 grams), 3 grams of pepper oil, starch 8 grams, the deployment of 6 can sit oil pot, stir fried pepper 7 pepper flavor. Golden color pepper red pepper into 8 pepper into slight discoloration scallion (or chili paste) 9 scallion fried onion, add shrimp Kung Pao.相关的主题文章: