Premier League pass Henderson to create more chances to win the opportunity (video), Silva-8l9840

The Premier League pass list: Henderson to win the Premier League fifth round Silva create more opportunities to the best goal of Steven Henderson ultra distance curve ball dead pass number list of Tencent in November 3rd the premier sports news according to EA sports data, so far this season, the Liverpool midfielder Henderson (data) to 830 passes first pass list second Phil Nandini Odo almost 100 times, however, the number of passes in the threat, Henderson ranked sixth, the first is the city of David Silva (data). On the ground with smooth rhythm and high closing down play, currently Liverpool and Manchester City, Arsenal Premiership standings, only on goal difference in third, but the data also show that Henderson is an integral part of the operation of high speed machine in Liverpool. The other half pass, creating opportunities and assists EA data show that in the Premier League this season Henderson played 884 minutes, passing 830 times, in the Premier League, and averaged the number of passes for 84.5 times, is also the first Premier league. In second to fourth were Phil Nandy Neo, Drinkwater, Kanter, Pogba ranked fifth, the number of passes for 630, only 10 is a former United player in the 89 million pounds, but Chelsea (data) there are 3 people, except Kanter and Matic and Azpilicueta. And in the other half pass, Henderson also in 412 topped the list, Mesut Ozil to 396 times in the second row, but if the chance, Henderson only ranked sixth, Silva 27 times to create a threat to pass most, Coutinho to 25 times in second. Assists, Coutinho and Matic are 4 assists. But, Zal also passes into the other half the top 10, while United still only Pogba a representative (wing)相关的主题文章: