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For the 2017 years of cold air-conditioning giant started: "new campaign" — home — original title: preparing for the 2017: the new battle "new cold air-conditioning giant started a campaign in the air conditioning industry in 2017 years will be fully started at the beginning of cold start. Compared with previous years, the battle of the air-conditioning giant is more intense, emphasizing their own way to seek the rise of differentiation. At the beginning of August this year, the United States, Haier has around intelligent open air conditioning industry consumption in late September, a new iteration of the battle, CHIGO, AUX have focus on the wisdom of the air "," motor frequency fixed price "detonated 2017 years of cold new ideas. It can be expected that the next GREE, Hisense and other companies will also join the battle of the air conditioning. Go their own way compared with the past more than and 10 years of market competition, just opened the new cold air conditioning market war in, not only the strength of the fight between the giants, endurance, as well as differences in the ability to innovate. At the beginning of August, the United States, Haier has around intelligent air conditioning opens up a new round of consumer upgrades battle curtain. Although the two air-conditioning giants are focused on intelligence, but "Chinese enterprise newspaper" the reporter understands, air-conditioning intelligent beauty, more attention is released from a single product of intelligent, smart accessories, intelligent cloud platform to Intelligent Cloud ecological integration and to take "detonated, short flat fast means directly off the market and consumer demand, and to show the outside world to the overall strength of U.S. Air Intelligence in the. Haier intelligent air conditioning, after entering the 2017 cold years also ushered in new changes, trying to move in more segments and more accurate target development: on the one hand the user pain points and needs based on the continuous iterative differentiation of innovative products, from the "bath air-conditioning" to "natural wind can blow air conditioning" continuous change; on the other hand, based on cloud computing, big data and other technical means and the advantages of the platform, launched the air conditioning industry’s first big data platform, data to accurately capture user requirements, promote personalized intelligent air conditioner. Into late September, although it is the traditional season of the air conditioning market, but did not stop the initiative to stop the relevant enterprises to detonate. The first is to make the air more CHIGO sweet "as the theme, launched the third generation of the new intelligent king and start a craftsman, master of fine national experience". As the air conditioning industry first detonated intelligent enterprise, after Haier, the United States have invested heavily, CHIGO both see the depth of market fully detonate hope, also feel the positive pressure of a new round of game giant war, again with the universal experience of the popularization of intelligent air-conditioning off a new round of battle. As the air conditioning industry most young, the most fashionable, and most will play the leading enterprise, AUX in recent years with the "quality strategy", "marketing innovation" and "brand younger" Misaka the first to open the air-conditioning industry to embrace the Internet era of the big screen, but also out of the new round of channel development, self driven. In the face of the new year many peers around the smart differential detonated, AUX still choose to go their own way: new ways to "fluorescence night event" and "public running plan" two great imagination, will be the most fashionable night run, be made one with social welfare, in their own brand new active tags at the same time. Will "fixed frequency machine)相关的主题文章: