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Promotional bombing   consumer appliances need to practice — piercing eye appliances – original title: promotional bombing consumer appliances need to practice "piercing eye audience offers, stored ten times over", "half price purchase appliances"…… With one after the arrival of the holiday, we went into the home appliance stores, always can see every kind of posters, these posters not only eye-catching, but also through the heart, let a person walked into the store, there is "if you pay for missed days stool should be" feeling, so many consumers will relax and enjoy the pocket shopping pleasure. However, when the festival is over, many consumers are always screaming holiday promotional atmosphere dazzled, bought some unnecessary things, there are consumers aware that businesses in the bombing promotional atmosphere, buy yourself something that there are a lot of water". In fact, want to buy your favorite appliances quickly, but also there is a pattern. As long as you pay attention to the purchase of home appliances skills, the pros and cons of various promotional accurate resolution and preferential policies, have a pair of eye, to buy home appliances and home appliance, become a kind of enjoyment, not impossible. Buy: do the collection and analysis of information war clouds: competitors. Buy home appliances, although not to the height of the war, but the truth is the same. For consumers to buy home appliances, the preparatory work before the purchase is not to be ignored. Today, the network is so developed, consumers can make use of the convenience of the network to collect the relevant information needed to buy home appliances, such as models, functions, features, etc.. To accurately grasp and compare the characteristics of various types of household electrical appliances, first in the data and text information on the products you want to buy a certain degree of understanding. This will not only save the cost of manpower, material and financial resources, but also save time and improve the efficiency of shopping. Secondly, according to their actual needs, such as the required function, economy, environment and so on, carefully consider the products and their actual needs together in many products to pick out one or several suitable for their own. In short, purchase preparation work, whether information collection or demand analysis, all must be good, so choose to be targeted, targeted contrast and selection of products. This is also a very important psychological construction of consumers in the purchase, we must be clear about their actual needs and capabilities, not blindly shopping. Buy: cognition in order to let the consumer initiative pocket of the common "flicker", now the sales staff has used "but we exhaust all the skills, to learn Sun Wukong’s" piercing eye ", see the" camouflage". Today’s holiday consumer demand is very strong, many businesses are also firmly grasp the sale of golden season introduced a number of incentives to stimulate consumption. Most of the time, the business is expected to amount to drive sales, while increasing market share, one of these is the "preferential" package, but the package is "delicious"? This is actually needed for)相关的主题文章: