REM & 486 seiyuu victory! Newtype Interim selection announcement-jiuyaogan

REM & 486 seiyuu victory! "Newtype" interim report released as a well-known Japanese Cypriot magazine, "Newtype" influence is self-evident. The magazine at the end of each year will be selected for various types of animation related awards. Recently, the official announced the interim results of the selection, a look at it. TV animation, "Macross". A "delta Kaba Nellie" and "giant wild dogs" ranked the top three. This may be a very controversial ranking, but after all, the mid-term election, so the final results will certainly change. [TV] the first Animation Award "Macross" second. A "delta" Kaba Nellie third "classic" wild dog Fourth "Youth" fifth "asson corrugated sixth" Re: "from scratch" seventh "alien life Gundam predator Orr Fins" eighth a "Gundam UC RE:0096" Ninth "story" series tenth "JOJO Adventure fourth: Eternal diamond" in the movie, "girl" chariot with almost no suspense movie what got the top. But considering your name in the near future. The strong momentum, do not change the final ranking will change. [theater animation Award] the first young girl and the chariot, the theater version of the second movie High Speed! – Free! Starting Days "third" in the heart of the fourth "scream" injury story "fifth" your name. "Sixth" KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm movie "seventh" movie detective Conan: Black nightmare "Eighth" movie sounded! Euphonium "Ninth" sub "Tenth" in the "finish off ajide male role, with the food, ikoma month Tennoji coral won the top three too long. These characters are really impressive. [] the first male role award ("a ikoma." Kaba Nellie) second months ("Re: the food from scratch alien life") third kings Temple coral taro ("Rewrite") fourth calendar ("good Goodwood Monogatari" series) fifth (eight Lu "scurry sixth Misaki Sato and Prince") ("really good world best wishes! Seventh) "(" the adventures of Sinbad Sinbad ") Eighth minashiro soushi (" sky "EXODUS ninth Valrhona) seven (Haruka" film High Speed! – Free! "Starting Days" (Tenth High) "Speed"! – Free! Starting Days ") the role of women," Re: started from different world life "the summit. This is the only character in the list. In addition, the ring can also see real wisdom is the character’s name etc.. [] the first female role award "(REM Re: start from zero of the World Health Day相关的主题文章: