Retired soldiers lost their way home at the railway station, lost 12 days-reshacker

Retired soldiers home has been lost to 12 days on the morning of 20 lost on the way at the train station, reporter received news: people love a retired soldiers on the way home, the train station in Zhangzhou has been lost, lost to 12 days, the family is very anxious, I hope the media to help people find information diffusion. By the reporter multi verification: this soldier called Fang Jinbiao, Yunxiao County, Fujian, Pu Mei town people, height 1 meters 70. Grade 2010, Department of mechanical and electrical engineering Xiamen University Jiageng college, enlisted after graduation to the north, Department of veterans. Fang Jinbiao’s family said in late September 8th, about 9:30, the title party dressed in military summer uniforms, black hand bags, and other comrades in Zhangzhou train station is not directly home. For more than 10 days, the family of the square trophy was in a hurry, looking around for him. Fang Jinbiao’s army was informed of the loss of his joint on 12 th day. According to escort this batch of veterans returning officers introduced them after hearing the parties to immediately contact the Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee and Fang Jinbiao comrades may be informed, but making inquiries to no avail. Subsequently, they sent people to Zhangzhou, Xiamen and other places to find. The officer admits that the trophy is introverted and does not like to communicate with people. He said that at present they are moved to Xiamen, according to a clue for tracking search. If you have seen the championship or some clues, please contact Mr. Wu (Tel: 13328441000) or Mr. Zheng (Tel: 18653835041). >

退役士兵回家途中在火车站走失 已失联12天20日上午,人民网记者接到爱心人士消息:一名退役士兵回家途中,在漳州火车站走失,已失联12天,其家人十分着急,希望媒体帮忙扩散找人信息。经记者多方核实:这名战士叫方锦标,福建云霄县浦美镇人,身高1米70左右。为厦门大学嘉庚学院机电系2010级学生,毕业后应征入伍到北方,系上等兵退伍。方锦标的家人说,9月8日晚9点半左右,方锦标身穿部队夏常服,手提黑色大包,与其他战友在漳州火车站下车后没有直接回家。十多天来,方锦标的家人十分着急,正在四处寻找他。方锦标所在的部队12日获知其失联的消息。据护送这批退伍军人回乡的部队军官介绍,他们闻讯后,立即联系厦门大学嘉庚学院和方锦标的战友等可能知情的各方人士,可惜多方探听无果。随后,他们旋即派出专人到漳州、厦门等地进行查找。这位军官坦言,方锦标性格偏内向、不爱与人沟通。他表示,目前他们移师厦门,正根据一条线索进行跟踪查找。如果您有见到方锦标或有相关线索,速请与吴先生(电话:13328441000)或郑先生(电话:18653835041)联系。>相关的主题文章: