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Right to health in Tianjin successfully Chongchao   in an arms race in the new "nouveau riche" – Sports – people.com.cn original title: super new arms race "nouveau riche" Cannavaro contributed in a Tianjin yesterday afternoon, the right to health in their own home court no doubt in the 3 to 0 victory over the Meizhou uninterested, as in in a first place won the super qualification for next season. The super hit configuration has become the second level league "nouveau riche" of choice, and the new season of the arms race, another powerful players. The right to health "copy" Hengda model actually Chongchao the right to health is not a problem, the focus of Judson, UVA Mourinho and Fabiano, Zhao Xuri, sun can be generous to buy new and old international team on personnel configuration and even beyond the part of the super team of. To stand in the town of these players, a big coach is also essential, before Rosenberger, after Cannavaro, the right to health in the same position on the coach to spare neither labor nor money. In fact, in the past few seasons, the super hit allocation pattern, are determined to Chongchao team’s nouveau riche preferred. This model, first started in Guangzhou Hengda, in recent years, China has been happy and Tianjin right to carry forward, and this is also the best proof of the capital flow from the top division to the secondary league. At press conference foreign aid adjustment of happiness in China before the super after shouted for three to five years of winning slogan, investment is more than the right to health, the target must also not only in Chongchao: when the right to health club chairman Shu Yuhui Chongchao success in an interview yesterday said "we are still in the new students next year, attitude will be a low, but then a foreign aid we will have more action, or let people see the ambitions of the right to health. According to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the right to health will be greatly adjusted for foreign aid, not even rule out the replacement of all possible, this also proves that the rich have the right to health, based on the ratio of super long and ambitious goal. In the differentiation of the right to health and Guizhou Zhicheng to Chongchao, in effect for next season is direct and profound: the right to health, there is already Hengda, Hong Kong, China happy, Suning, Luneng and other members of the super nouveau riche club, has added a new member, if you count next season is likely to increase investment in national security, then there will be nearly half of the club’s generous investment. In the club drive, either as Lifan and look for investment partners with Liaozu money, or just like Yongchang and Yatai, lack of investment into the relegation whirlpool. The super team has been more and more clearly divided into the nouveau riche and civilians, the so-called middle class in fact does not exist. But the most direct impact is that the coming winter transfer window, foreign aid will make the world football shocked trading again, and just rushed over the right to health, it is to use the full Neiyuan places, super Neiyuan million days, probably will not be too far away. The burn is far from to the end of the superior ")相关的主题文章: