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Rio Paralympic tennis ground discovered Malone Ding Ning dive together points Chan – Sohu   sports; ITTF social media screenshot Beijing time on September 11th, the 2016 Brazil Paralympic Games in Rio was in full swing, according to micro-blog official Paralympic Games ", in this year’s table tennis game, the player’s God save, miracle play is attracted to Malone and Ding Ning, two Olympic gold medal winner could not help but praise. "The Olympic Games" micro-blog official said: "yesterday the save the table tennis match in Holland’s Kelly van Zon is the most dramatic moment of the Rio Paralympic games. Turkey’s Kubra Korkut finally are ignorant!! [ha ha]." Which can be seen from the video, when the Turkey players have the ball at the open, Holland mobile player is not very smooth, almost could not catch the ball. At that time, Turkey has begun to raise players celebrate, but the magical scene appeared, a Holland player fell to dive, the ball was sent directly to Turkey’s side of the table. Score! Turkey athletes were stunned! The ITTF then forwarded this to micro-blog, and said: "strive for the impossible through ball Paralympic Game ‘discovered! This is the real Olympic spirit! There is no one who dreams, courage can create miracles! [] [] [] heart heart heart. PS: bad about Turkey’s two people, bang bang da! [] [] [] fist fist fist." Holland’s excellent play attracted netizens crazy forward, as the Olympic table tennis gold medal winner, Malone said: "thank you for your wonderful game in the Paralympic Games, so I can’t play the ball." Ding Ning also said: "super stick! Paralympic athletes also fought for the country, I hope you can pay more attention to them oh." (Alse)相关的主题文章: