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"Rouge" refers to Yuan Wenkang Zhao Liying style mutation gun fans heartbroken – Yuan Wenkang and Zhao Liying entertainment Sohu common interpretation of "rouge" Sohu in the entertainment news recently, Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV hit the legendary Spy Drama "rouge" in the "Song Yan CP" became the new popular network, Yuan Wenkang plays the song Mian and Zhao Liying plays the blue of the rouge war in the agents of mentoring, in a tense struggle situation staged a funny than the joy of daily drama, "his head is short, don’t", "Wang Kao osmanthus if you choose one, what is called the line and other lines ignited the audience" creation "warm, big, flower series name Daquan series and especially the song to emerge in an endless stream," big stem ", with his play the iconic" serious face ", the accident has a" Meng Da The effect, let netizens play awfully, wait for the song Mian stills are changed to "big version". However, as the story progresses, the joy of the teachers and students suddenly opened child heart model, staged a "gun to Zhao Liying Yuan Wenkang of the plot, the audience heartbroken have lamented to the agent when the teacher is not easy, the work life is in danger!" The song is "Mian Yuan Wenkang Rouge Tucao big Terrier playing bad according to the" rouge "scenarios, with ambition, vision, absolute obedience Military orders are like a mountain. juntong agent is very talented and agent Mian song full of longing for the occupation of blue Rouge" mentor ", whether in spirit or in occupation skill training the song is an important figure, Mian blue Rouge from a" rookie agent "into a senior agent on the road. But it seems the weird blue rouge, this handsome teacher can learn from him, occasionally can be molested: you teach me how to use lemon juice to write well, you first pass information, "write" I love blue rouge, I will never learn not to write. "". Although heart sprout, bestie asks, but the mouth said Rouge irony: "his head is short, don’t say" no "," the heart is aware about the details of his life: "smoke smoke is not the same with others, with the broken lighter, it must be you". Simple minded song Mian see from this sentence is Rouge when the agent’s potential, onlookers see is full of girls heart. Interestingly, rouge against with a Tucao in the drama, drama has become a network of hot stems, after watching friends have the song Mian P stills into various headshots, with new lines — blue Rouge: "he, a large head and short, don’t". Song Mian: "EXM? My head? What’s wrong? Why?" As the song Mian Yuan Wenkang joined the joy Tucao army in their own, micro-blog users forwarding "creation", and said: I have a collection of these graphs. Zhao Liying then commented: "dry pretty"! The continuation of the warm interaction joy mentoring from the drama to drama, and helped users, "Song Yan CP" has become a new favorite in the CP network, "second days Rouge" after the broadcast, micro-blog appeared on the Song Yan couple backing group, pay close attention to all kinds of interactive song Mian and rouge. "High CP" open child mode song Mian is Rouge shooting fans heartbroken joy is always short,.相关的主题文章: