Rumor female menstrual period can eat chocolate Almost not much help stand by me shinee

Rumor: female menstrual period can eat chocolate? Almost did not help the article source: popular Chinese WeChat public menstrual period, is a mature woman, every month to go through a period of time. In period, the resistance of the body is relatively poor, people become very fragile fragile, some people also suffer from abdominal pain, acne, breast pain, anxiety, depression, desire for food, and many other symptoms of mood swings. This requires us to diet, need to pay special attention, because the diet may be an important contributing factor for some of the symptoms. Pictures from the network of chocolate, is a lot of women in the period of preference snacks, eating chocolate can ease the symptoms of menstrual discomfort. After all, chocolate is to alleviate dysmenorrhea, medicine, or can cause dysmenorrhea murderer? Female menstrual period can eat chocolate? Chocolate charming silky taste and mellow aftertaste, conquered a lot of people’s taste buds. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, theobromine, polyphenols and so on, the polyphenols contained in a certain antioxidant function, help to eliminate excess body free radicals, anti-aging. Therefore, in the menstrual period before eating a little chocolate, can improve the body immunity, not only conducive to good health, but also help to alleviate the emotional instability, anxiety and other symptoms of premenstrual discomfort. However, in the menstrual period is not suitable for eating chocolate. Because chocolate contains caffeine, caffeine not only increased menstrual breast pain feeling, also can promote the excitability of the central nervous system, will let you in the period of anxiety, restlessness, more likely to aggravate menstrual pain and irritation; at the same time, caffeine is a diuretic, will lead to the loss of many important nutrients thus, more will lead to a decline in immunity. Of course, here said the chocolate is pure chocolate contains cocoa butter ingredients, if containing cocoa butter chocolate, because it contains trans fatty acids and a large amount of sugar, nutrient content really very low, although eating smooth sweet taste, but the health of people is impossible. Hardly much help. Menstrual diet should pay attention to what aspects of the 1 eat more magnesium containing food research shows that there are 45% of dysmenorrhea patients in the body of magnesium levels were significantly lower than those of normal people. Lack of magnesium in the body, may make people’s emotions tend to tense, increase the secretion of stress hormones, leading to dysmenorrhea. Therefore, the menstrual period may wish to eat food containing magnesium, such as brown rice, oats, black rice, black beans, black sesame, seaweed, bananas, nuts, dark green vegetables etc.. 2 eat more foods is calcium neurotransmitters in vivo, lack of calcium, often can cause nervous system cramps, menstrual pain is worse. Eat foods high in calcium, can alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, such as dairy products, beans, nuts, dark green vegetables etc.. 3 eat more foods containing iron in a large amount of blood loss during menstruation, so eat foods containing iron is necessary, such as animal liver, lean meat, fish, black sesame, black beans, mushrooms, nuts etc.. 4 eat more food with high protein.相关的主题文章: