Russian officials exposed to Syria not only to defend the Russian aircraft carrier and a top secret

Russian officials exposed to Syria not only to defend the Russian aircraft carrier and a top secret mission – Sohu Military Channel of Xinhua news agency in Moscow in October 22, the Russian presidential press secretary Per Skov 22, said the Russian aircraft carrier USS Kuznetsov in Syria in addition to defend the Russian military and other tasks. A chat show Per Skov in the Russian state television aired on the day said, from a tactical point of view, "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier will take what responsibilities, I think, is stored in a marked ‘top secret’ sealed envelope". The Russian "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier fleet from 15 pm local time on the northern end of the North Morse Russia and the West Hong Kong set sail to the Mediterranean, to reinforce the current Russian naval fleet in the eastern mediterranean. According to the report of the Russian Northern Fleet press office bulletin, along with "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier sailing ships also include "Peter the great" nuclear powered missile cruiser, "North Morse" and "Kulakefu admiral" large anti submarine destroyers and the number of ships logistics supply ship etc.. During the voyage, the aircraft carrier will carry out a joint combat drill. According to information released by the Russian Ministry of defense in September this year, there are 6 Russian warships in the eastern Mediterranean, Kuznetsov aircraft carrier will join these warships, the implementation of a period of about 4 months of mission. Itar TASS reported that Russian aircraft carrier formation the voyage is to ensure the Russian navy in the World Ocean theater is important. Reuters quoted diplomatic sources as saying, after the Russian aircraft carrier channel, will travel to Gibraltar, and then into the Mediterranean Sea, near Syria. "Russia after the cold war the largest mobilization deployment, which involves all the Northern Fleet ships and most of the Baltic Fleet. Russia wants to win in Aleppo, the next two weeks, we will see the intensity of air strikes in Aleppo upgrade." Kuznetsov is Russia’s only carrier in service, the displacement of about 60 thousand tons, since its first launch in 1985, has completed the 7 ocean voyage. According to Russia today news agency reported that the aircraft carrier Kuznetsov aircraft carrier fighter, including Su 33 belongs to the fourth generation fighter dedicated ground attack fighter Su – 25, 27 card and card 29 antisubmarine helicopter transport helicopter weapons including cruise missiles and anti-aircraft missiles etc..相关的主题文章: