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Russian President Isinbayeva for the athletics had rejected when the political vase (Figure) – Beijing the day before, an international hacker organization called "Fancy bears", published WADA (WADA) to give the doping privileged information, caused a great disturbance. These data also shows, including Isinbayeva, a number of Russian athletes was suspended by the innocent. Hacking information seems to confirm that Isinbayeva has stressed the political repression of real existence. Fortunately, Isinbayeva is about to finish the role transition. According to the Russian "news" reported that Isinbayeva has recently been formally submitted for the Russian Athletics Association chairman of the Association for a candidate. According to the prediction of the Russian media, although there are other people for submission of applications, but most likely to be elected chairman, only Isinbayeva. From three years ago to participate in the political position is not now in the "political road" on the water, from the past to now ask the world attention to the vault to join the athletics, track and field, to speak for the Russian name of athlete’s rights, in this year, Isinbayeva never hesitated to want full. An interview with Isinbayeva prohibitively difficult, in Rio, she accepted the interview or the only Russian Deputy Prime Minister to be agreed, the Guangzhou Daily reporter had the honor in the synchronized swimming competition scene encounters, Isinbayeva told reporters that if he is elected president of the Russian athletics, will be the first time to contact the IAAF, restore Russia’s track and field team the membership and participation rights as soon as possible. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Bai Zhibiao Isinbayeva will be the only candidate." Although not yet published results, but the "news" that the Russian President of athletics has no other than Isinbayeva. It is reported that the Russian president is not involved in athletics competition, in fact, the chairman of the provisional class didn’t think long dry, he also served as the director of a local Russian sports bureau. Isinbayeva’s competitors are the champions of Europe and retired long before the track and field team member Carla Ma Xue J, whether it is well-known or competitive results, the latter two more like to accompany Prince reading". The brainchild of absolute advantage elected IOC members "there is no doubt that Isinbayeva is the undisputed favourites." If no accident, Isinbayeva will be the youngest chairman of many Russian sports organizations, and before her, Russian basketball star, former NBA player Kirilenko at the beginning of the year has been elected as the chairman of Russian basketball association. Before, Isinbayeva president of the Russian Association of athletics competition on the news had spread like wildfire. When the Olympic Games in Rio, Isinbayeva in an exclusive interview with the Guangzhou Daily reporter has admitted that no accident, she will go to compete for this position. In the Rio Olympics, the incumbent chairman of Russian athletics has revealed that he will not seek re-election. Isinbayeva said, the chairman of the athletics competition for her goal is clear, is to name the Russian athletics and sports. "We do have some problems, but who can guarantee that they do not ask.相关的主题文章: