Saints staged IP running game changer may be used regardless of the skin-roxane hayward

"Saints" running game staged IP skin may no use recently, Beijing Haidian court announced that the hospital accepted a Mobile Games "Saint Seiya: Rebirth" copyright infringement case, perfect world tour company, sued the longitudinal Wapu company, the company and the music company in pointing Mobile Games "Saint Seiya: Rebirth" the development, operation and distribution of infringement claims 10 million yuan. Interestingly, in the previous September 20th, perfect world has issued a statement, said its Mobile Games "Saint Seiya" will be in October 30th outage. The announcement, hand travel operations team announced the outage due to cooperation with the copyright side DeNA is about to expire". Copyright cooperation due and copyright lawsuit is only around the foot of the rhythm, is hidden behind a "Saint Xing Shi" this super IP rashomon. A muddled account it is understood that the "Saint Seiya" Mobile Games authorized by DeNA, Toei producer, perfect game’s battle studio. In December 19, 2014, open the whole game platform officially open beta, released from the 641 day outage announcement. The perfect world’s tiger forum appeared in 3595 on Saint Seiya posts, and there are a lot of people have said the lawsuit claims. In the outage after the incident, the perfect world will traveling and other four companies in the name of infringement sued to court and the reasons behind it. "Perfect company claims by lawful authority" exclusive rights of Saint Seiya "series of animated adaptation of mobile phone games in China territory. Can Mobile Games "Saint Seiya: Rebirth" as early as May 11th of this year on the line in the whole platform first, why to cooperate with Party Perfect late copyright is about to expire when, to safeguard their rights?" People in the industry think: such copyright lawsuits are often protracted, and have little effect, is a Qiaoshanzhenhu effect. Can be perfect, it is about to lose Saint IP’s copyright cooperation, meaning less. In fact, the game circle is watching. In second days the court accepted the lawsuit, signed "Saint Seiya rebirth GM" in the official account of the game area forum published a paper entitled "a game on the shelves, and the outage copyright statement", "solemn statement", announced a high-profile the game "authorized by Toei animation genuine. Masami Kurumada’s Supervisor, with" Saint Seiya: complete copyright Mobile Games rebirth "development and operation, did not involve any copyright or source of outage problems under the plane". Interestingly, these words, just and perfect in the rights of official statements of the tit for tat. The perfect tour company, accused of "longitudinal Wapu, pointing in the case of unauthorized, unauthorized operation of mobile phone game development," Saint Seiya: Rebirth ", a large number of the use of" Saint Seiya "series of animated cartoon elements in the game, a serious violation of the plaintiff’s copyright. When the music game company in the issue of "Saint Seiya: Rebirth" in use "licensed" and "Masami Kurumada’s supervisor" acclaimed Mobile Games "Saint Seiya" blood rebirth, thanks for the support of the annual big game player, "Saint Seiya: Rebirth" renewed strikes.相关的主题文章: