Salty Hui always tighten the string of safety production punish illegal acts of illegal

Salty Hui: always tighten the string of safety   punish illegal illegal production behavior — local leadership — original title: always tighten the string of safety to severely punish illegal illegal production behavior in accordance with the law in September 29th, (Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Chairman) Xian Hui chaired the seventy-fourth executive meeting to convey the learning Party committee meeting of the State Council leaders important instructions and spirit of the autonomous region, the recent arrangements for production safety work. Salty Hui stressed that Lin coal company "9. 27" coal mine gas explosion is a serious illegal mining, illegal operation of the vicious liability accident, causing heavy casualties, the loss is very heavy, very profound lesson. To complete a serious and thorough investigation into the cause of the accident, serious accountability, and resolutely curb the prevention of various types of production safety accidents, ensure the safety of people’s life and property. Salty Hui stressed that all localities and departments should earnestly implement the important instructions of the leading comrades of the State Council and the regional party committee standing committee meeting of the spirit, the spirit of being highly responsible to the people’s life attitude, seriously do accident rescue, rehabilitation disposal, forensic investigation, accountability and follow-up work. To always put the safety in mind, always tighten the string of safety production, at any time can not have the slightest paralysis and slack. We should always put the safety responsibility on his shoulders, and strictly implement the Party committee and government leadership, departments regulatory responsibility, corporate responsibility, adhere to the "zero tolerance" attitude, to crack down on illegal illegal illegal production behavior, corporate responsibility is not implemented, the government regulation is not in place, dereliction of duty, should be strictly investigated and severely ask responsibility, without mercy. We should always put the safety measures implemented, quickly carry out safety inspections in the region, and eliminate the security risks rectification, shut down shut down, the abolition of the ban, do not stay dead, leaving no blind spots. Salty Hui stressed that the eleven National Day holiday is coming, all localities and departments to maintain a high degree of vigilance, pay close attention to the implementation of the holiday safety precautions. Safety supervision should strengthen transportation, tourism industry and crowded places, thorough investigation of overcrowding speeding, fatigue driving, illegal passenger and other illegal acts, strengthen the hazardous chemicals production, storage and sales management, to reach the requirements, resolutely stop operation. To continue to focus on coal, non coal mines and construction of key industries, oil and gas pipelines in areas such as safety, to prevent illegal assault during the festival production etc.. To strengthen the duty on duty, strict implementation of leading cadres in charge of leave the system, implement the 24 hours on duty and information reporting system. To enhance security capabilities, strengthen the safety management of the key staff of the bus drivers, equipment operation and training, to prevent the illegal operation. To do a good job of holiday commodity supply, transportation capacity, food regulation, social stability control and other related work to ensure that the region’s people have a happy and peaceful holiday. To save civilization festivals, strict implementation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight autonomous regions and Discipline Inspection Commission, and resolutely put an end to the festival corruption". The meeting also considered the study "on Further Strengthening and improving the work of the board of supervisors of state-owned enterprises autonomous region implementation opinions (Draft)" autonomous "belonged to state-owned enterprises classified supervision implementation measures (Draft)相关的主题文章: