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Sammi Cheng concert crying Andy Hui: I also feel [Abstract] when it comes to Mrs. Sammi Cheng concert crying, Andy Hui also revealed his heartache, but no way. Andy Hui and the band Dear Jane propaganda song Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, Andy Hui and the band Dear Jane yesterday to radio song "non security area", Andy Hui refers to the song is telling people to get out of your safety net, you will see clearly the world, will never give up to do. Said Mrs. Sammi Cheng concert crying, Andy Hui also revealed his heartache, but no way. Andy Hui smiled and the ABC Project were invited to write four bands for him, is a drunken thought based on. The Dear Jane also feel Andy Hui’s sound line is good, with the predecessors did not feel the pressure. Mrs. Sammi Cheng held a talk in singing, Dicky Cheung introduced the guest appearance match last night with her husband’s friend, for the first time publicly called Andy Hui husband, Andy Hui feel shy smile, Sammi Cheng also asked the usual call him husband? He smiled and said: "no, a burst of, there are a lot of oh!" How recently called? Andy Hui smiled and said: "no, suddenly called, but of course, will not tell you!" For Sammi Cheng to play and say sorry to burst into the audience, as the husband will not be worried? Andy Hui performance seriously: "of course, but there is no way, everyone has the disease, the best to do it, she tried to force! I’m going to see the concert from another angle!" Asked whether there is a wife heartache? Andy Hui said: "yes, there is no way, life is not expected to face the unknown and out of things, it is enough!" Asked Sammi Cheng cried after the first night home is not happy? Andy Hui refers to his wife is now living in the hotel, and he usually does not sleep in the hotel, in Hongkong will go home to sleep. Asked whether to accompany her to comfort her? Andy Hui did not care to say: "go to see her, then she burst into a good clear, need to face to deal with, fans also considerate of her very good to her!" Ask him how to give the wife positive energy? Andy Hui replied: "you can only take the palm pat hard shot!" Huang Zihua called Sammi Cheng quickly mentioned funny children, to take good name called "no turning back", Andy Hui could not help laughing: "good funny!" Huang Zihua also praised him and Sammi Cheng this pair is the fairy tale of Hongkong, with a little shy smile, said: "no, Xu Sheng is not allowed to lose, afraid to read the kindergarten has a problem, bad copy on the bad!" Sammi Cheng third performances sound line began to pick up? Andy Hui also refers to the identity is getting better, but he had not been invited to be guest lady, also didn’t want to wake up, and he thought the eight games are present for Mrs. cheer, but one he is not in Hong Kong to foreign propaganda film. Sammi Cheng sings the first voice Andy wife has tried to love dearly相关的主题文章: