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Samsung music world C9 Pro: just better than just – Sohu technology double 11 Carnival before, Samsung launched a powerful mobile phone configuration – Le Le world C9 Pro. In November 10th, Samsung China held C9 Pro cover music world market tasting, Samsung Electronics in Greater China product strategy and R & D President Mr. Tong Wang and the chief marketing officer, Ms. Deng Xiaohua and other executives attended the meeting, visible Samsung expectations for this new product. Positioning better configuration just let us first look at the specific configuration of the Samsung C series of new products: 6 inch 1080P touch screen, Qualcomm snapdragon 653 processor, 6GB RAM+64GB memory, ROM large 16 million pixel camera, 6.9mm and full metal body. Just see these indicators in front of the old Ji believes that a lot of friends have moved the heart. (Le Le Pro C9), of course, more than these. Le Le world C9 Pro for the first time using the MSA (micro slot antenna) process technology, the long-term impact of the back of the fuselage of the whole metal aesthetic antenna leucorrhea into three only 0.4 mm THIN wire. This process requires special aviation Aluminum Alloy after 77 CNC cutting tool after molding, but also for the two TRI nano injection molding, automatic polishing, sandblasting, anodic oxidation, laser engraving and other 60 processes, the whole process more than 10 days. Coupled with a great sense of fashion maple leaf gold and rose pink two colors, thus creating a cover music world C9 Pro undoubtedly has a fairly high color value. The C9 Pro also cover music learning features many best-selling domestic self focus, the front camera has 16 million pixels, and uses a large aperture of F1.9 and Samsung Light+ algorithm for the latest technology, not only bring beauty effect, also can according to the environment automatically convert camera mode, can be described as self artifact. In addition, Pro and C9 cover music world "sing", "national K song" App cooperation to achieve the mobile karaoke and echo effects; Polaroid camera built-in local Amoy mode ", also can automatically identify Chaofu street and immediately jump to the purchase page. Old Ji feel happy world C9 Pro there is a very good feature, that is, the local camera comes with a small WeChat video features, with the deposit with the hair, so that the circle of friends to share and exchange more convenient. (National karaoke singers live experience sharing Reds ears back) from these configuration and function in front of you can see, this is obviously a major for young people "tide", the price of 3199 yuan as the cover of C9 Pro as the theme of world music — "just right". Now China has entered the era of consumer upgrades, many young people in the replacement time, expect to have a higher configuration, better function of the mobile phone, for them, the C9 Pro cover music world is just right. Facts have proved that the music world C9 Pro positioning is indeed quite accurate, but also hit the hearts of consumers. Music world C9 Pro currently in the official mall of Samsung Electronics, Samsung’s official flagship of Jingdong.相关的主题文章: