Samsung w2017 glass body + Telecom custom

Samsung W2017: glass body + Telecom custom has been in everyone with high configuration to define high-end machines, in fact often high-end machine there is a feature of that have high prices, now tens of thousands or nearly thousand yuan price in the mobile phone ring is no longer rare, such as everyone and iPhone 7. The crowd of the Samsung W series of nouveau riche positioning. Broke through before, Samsung W2017 will debut, now micro-blog users brings the wanyuanxin machine spy photos. Samsung W2017 Samsung W2017 exposure using glass body, the back is equipped with a camera, the lens is long elliptical fingerprint recognition module, from the back of the logo and the boot display text is not difficult to see that the Samsung W2017 is a China Telecom of 4G+ customized mobile phone. In addition, the Samsung W2017, Samsung W2017 is not only the nouveau riche price, it also has the current high-end hardware configuration. Broke the news that the Samsung W2017 will be powered by snapdragon 820 processor, built-in 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination, support Samsung Pay and heart rate detection. Some netizens said that this generation of Samsung W series of new appearance is very handsome, you are not watching broke and real also think so?相关的主题文章: