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SASAC Dong Mingzhu dismissed media analysis: not set to release the Sohu news recently, Dong Mingzhu was removed from the GREE Group Chairman, board of directors, the legal representative of the position of the news spread, triggered speculation. By the competent SASAC, the SASAC news report "today" "state sponsored by the invitation of Jiangxi province funded Enterprise Supervision Supervisory Board Chairman Wang Chengrao from 4" the relevant provisions of the state of "Dong Mingzhu resigned" ". GREE group is funded by Zhuhai SASAC supervision of enterprises, according to the Zhuhai SASAC official news: Dong Mingzhu based on the relevant provisions of the state and I intend to resign as chairman of GREE group." The official message is indeed the truth or public rhetoric, Wang Chengrao through the careful analysis of the relevant provisions of the state "gives the conclusion: retirement age limit: the 63 year old retired through public information search that Ms. Pearl was born in August 1954 to August 2016, Fang is 62 years old. As chairman of GREE group, Dong Mingzhu appointed by the Zhuhai SASAC, should be considered to enjoy a certain level of administrative treatment of cadres within the system. Zhuhai, as a prefecture level city, four team first officer to departmental level, department level cadres can only stem to 63 years old to retire. The 62 year old pearl still post, according to the system is currently enjoying the retirement age treatment, the treatment of non ordinary cadres can enjoy. Considering this factor, the Pearl for no longer "difficult" to consider, and resigned her position in the system are reasonable and plausible. Employee ownership restrictions: individual ownership can not exceed 1% in August 17, 2016, the SASAC of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance and the China Securities Regulatory Commission jointly issued "on the state-owned holding enterprises of mixed ownership pilot ESOP views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the "opinions" provisions: state owned enterprise leaders appointed Party Central Committee and the State Council and the local Party committees, the government and its departments and agencies shall not be held. Some people think that it is the provisions of the document, so that the shareholders of the Pearl and the identity of the cadres of the system conflict, prompting Dong Mingzhu to resign, to give up a. But Wang Chengrao believes that this judgment is not accurate. The introduction of the document does not affect the original ownership of the Dong Mingzhu plan, because the last paragraph of the document written to understand: employees have been implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the enterprise, continue to regulate the implementation of. The real impact of the pearl is the subsequent ownership plan will be limited to this document. September 22nd, GREE announced employee stock ownership plan, the subscription amount of 2 billion 374 million yuan, the share of $153 million. Among them, to participate in the employee stock ownership plan directors and executives, including Dong Mingzhu and other 6 people, the subscription share of not less than 67 million 184 thousand and 300 shares. Among them, Dong Mingzhu himself invested 937 million yuan, the amount of investment accounted for the employee stock ownership plan of 39.52%. If this plan can be successfully implemented, the proportion of Pearl stake will rise from 0.74% to 1.4%. The "opinions" provisions, individual ownership may not exceed 1%, because of this limitation, the ESOP will be implemented policy barriers. If you give up the identity of the system, only as a listed company.相关的主题文章: