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Second Wanda city opened in Shanghai Disney was besieged? China News Agency, Hefei, September – (reporter Pang Wuji) – more than and 400 kilometers away from Shanghai, Anhui, just outside the city, the opening of the opening of the city’s second Wanda on the 24 day of the opening of 24. As the main products of Wanda head Wang Jianlin PK Disney, Nanchang and Hefei two "Wanda city" have opened, may let Shanghai Disneyland Disney began to fall into the "tiger war wolves" surrounded by. With the earliest opening of the city of Nanchang Wanda similar, Hefei Wanda city is also a wide range of large format projects. A total construction area of 3 million square meters, cultural tourism investment 24 billion yuan (RMB, same below), culture, sports, tourism planning, commercial, hotel five, first opened the commercial complex Wanda Mao, outdoor theme park, hotel, bar street. After the opening of the first phase, Wanda Group said it would invest 10 billion yuan in 2016 to start construction of the city of Hefei Wanda phase II, the whole project is designed for large indoor recreation content. Hefei Wanda City three also began planning, there will be a new format. It is understood that after the opening of the city of Hefei Wanda will be held in Anhui province and Hefei city series of events, China first "Iron Man" contest, three merchants conference, Hefei International Marathon, the Anhui Provincial Tourism Conference and other activities have been held in this decision. Wang Jianlin said Wanda was determined to build the world’s largest Hefei Wanda tourism projects, so that Hefei has become a world-class tourist destination. Previously, Wang Jianlin said in a television interview, open "Wanda City destabilize Disney, and released" let Disney 20 years to China profit "rhetoric. In the face of the international theme park giants, where Wang Jianlin’s confidence? The number of winning is one of Wanda’s strategy. Wang Jianlin once said, "tiger JiaBuZhu wolves", Shanghai only one Disney, Wanda plans within 4 years of the opening of 15 Wanda city. The recent "Wanda city" has been in the Chinese show blossom everywhere scene. 23, a total investment of 55 billion yuan in the city of Chongqing Wanda started construction; 21, Wanda signed with the Harbin municipal government, invested 40 billion yuan to build Wanda City, is expected to start next year; investment is expected to more than 60 billion yuan in the city of Ji’nan Wanda also completed the signing of last month. Relatively low price of tickets is also a major advantage wanda. For example: Hefei Wanda city announced the normal adult fare of 218 yuan, while Shanghai Disney for the $370. In addition, with the Disney unified image of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and so on, around the Wanda text brigade project are integrated into the local culture. For example: Hefei Wanda city’s architectural style, theme play items are reflected in the rich emblem of cultural characteristics. The real stunt show "the battle" that occurred in the local interpretation of the classic ancient battle; and the city of Nanchang Wanda in the blue and white porcelain as the theme. It is worth noting that, in addition to the city’s Wanda Commercial and cultural tourism facilities, as well as a small part of the residential facilities. Through the sale of residential parts, often before the completion of the overall investment, Wanda has been the majority of funds recovered. But the industry also pointed out that相关的主题文章: