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Secretive condition? A stripped second-hand car condition "underpants" – Sohu car some time ago, the spread of the Internet on the part of the second-hand car electricity supplier propaganda claims hundreds of vehicle detection is mostly "as a mere formality", for the condition of strict "useless article, the last two years the hottest second-hand car business and pushed to the public focus. But do not know but want to buy for the second-hand car eat melon masses, how can clearly and accurately understand the condition? Laws and regulations to gradually establish and improve the first urgent! As a citizen living in China, the first to learn about new laws and regulations on the condition the most direct impact on the maintenance record. This year, the State Department of transportation to modify the "motor vehicle repair management regulations", after modification, the fourth paragraph is revised as follows: "the original twenty-sixth vehicle manufacturers in the new models on the market within six months, the obligation to the public the maintenance of technical information and time quota. Specific requirements in accordance with the relevant departments of the State Council on the implementation of technical information on vehicle maintenance regulations." That is to say, 4S shop customer service service price will be transparent, repair expensive phenomenon will gradually ease. What is the maintenance record? Car maintenance records, mainly by the car 4S shop records, from the moment a new car to the customer, the car after the occurrence of any work items and details will be archived records. When the car is the first time to do security, when to do a large maintenance and small maintenance, the first maintenance is because of what happened to the fault is how to solve the problem, which can be found. That is to say, all the project done in a car 4S shop will be recorded, if want to check a car maintenance record is well documented. What are the ways to check maintenance records? For the change of consumers, in the actual process of car 4S shop has been familiar with, want to find a second-hand car maintenance records, you can go to the 4S shop to check directly trust sales, has the advantages of cheap or even free inquiry, the disadvantage is 4S store query results all looks more complicated, for the usual contact car less parameters of the owners, it has a certain degree of difficulty. For small cars, it can be downloaded through the phone, such as vehicle identification and other vehicle maintenance records and related information query tool class APP, the query results are relatively simple and easy to understand. But no matter what you want to check the car condition, is the need to frame number (VIN) to check the maintenance record. Is the vehicle maintenance record reliable? For the vast majority of owners in the vehicle warranty period occurs when a relatively large accident will choose to go to the 4S shop maintenance, so as not to affect the warranty. Therefore, for a new car, 4S shop to query the maintenance records are complete, detailed inquiries to this car for which parts in the past, have taken what parts of course, small scrape effect insurance all except in the 4S shop maintenance. In addition, can also refer to the insurance company claims records, within 3 years of the accident, basically from the insurance discount can reflect, also can judge the size of the accident according to the amount of maintenance.相关的主题文章: