See the popularity from the live, Liu Yifei only 19 of Yang Mi, a little scary data on

From the live broadcast of popularity, Liu Yifei is only the 1/9 Yang Mi, Tang Yan a little scary data recently live fire, wind from the live broadcast of the Olympic drifting ah, a few days ago everyone was looking at me yang, look at my package, I see the girl, the two day the most important is to look at our department, entertainment stars have played live, then look at their live in the end is how much popularity? The first is the first girl we live "Fu Yuanhui", because the girl a: I have been exhausted out of power, and her true natural style, successful suck powder, as a new generation of red net, opened two days before the broadcast, live online number is reached 10 million, until a total of 10543080 people over to watch live, don’t say all the time to send something, and another, I have been to, send a car to send a yacht. The contrast is too strong, love my family, a strong ability to absorb powder. Speaking of my family, Zhang Jike is now addicted to live, live in popularity because it is too hot, direct maxed server, this day to day small Tibetan mastiff popularity ah, but unfortunately, due to the influx of users is too rapid, pepper server is maxed out. So the final termination of 2 million, just imagine if the server does not brush burst, and how many people have to call my husband ah! Besides entertainment, because Yang Mi started the charity bazaar, broadcast, the large power power popularity has been high, but also live piece near the body, is very interesting, Yang Mi also complained: the number of live ah go the next Pharaoh here, cited a netizen laughter, Yang Mi eventually live online the number reached 30 million, Xiaobian want to say this is not high, to your eyes. Liu Yifei live, Jia Nailiang gave a yacht, eventually live popularity is 2 million 500 thousand. Tang Yan start a live, more is to admit will get married next year, but also put the final number of online live aniseed, but only 180 thousand people, is certainly wrong data! However, there are differences in the live time, popularity is not the same, so you have an objective look like, do not have to mind. Zhang Yuxi live high popularity users: is the most beautiful in the former girlfriend Crestron network being broadcast live red became self mill now live very popular lies ah, then lead the trend of the times and miss A certainly won’t bump, open the live love ass look, immediately by all kinds of skin white beauty big eyes red beauty network how are earthquake Meng bi~, all as a fairy?! Could not help but point in, short oil, wipe the fog, oh god! This is not the same person on the cover, miss A just want to say, finally know the truth of my tears fall. Seeing the big stars to join a live team, miss A eyes naked one Shan, is it not a good opportunity of real verification from the camera! Hey! Yang Zi Wang Ziwen live show true Fan Ye baby live 360 degree angel beauty in "Ode to joy" in countless Yang Zihe Wang Ziwen powder to challenge the live. Yang Zi directly in the strawberry Music Festival broadcast play up game, oh oh, this girl a fluttering gown widened along the hat, and a leather skirt printed shirt with big mature wind, is really amazing little witch rhythm ah. Play the game play ah rise and she this sleek goose branch相关的主题文章: