September 6th hair! Lenovo’s new flagship moto Z completely determined 4299 yuan – Sohu digital

September 6th hair! Lenovo’s new flagship Moto Z completely determined: 4299 yuan – Digital Sohu in September 6th, Lenovo’s new flagship to the release of their own, there is no doubt that they want to cool the Moto Z’s new iPhone to apple, of course, is the biggest characteristic of this series of modular design. Lenovo’s positioning on the phone to give their own positioning is the main high-end Moto, and for the release of the Moto Z and Moto Z Play, the price will not be too close to the people, the fact is true. From the opening of Moto Z’s appointment, the price reached 4299 yuan, 52885299 yuan more than the previous rumors of a lot cheaper, for a main modular design of the flagship, the price is actually pretty good, after all, Lenovo is to help them with iPhone 7 and Galaxy Note 7 platform. Moto Z has a 5.2mm slim design, known as the world’s thinnest metal intelligent mobile phone, equipped Xiaolong 820 processor, 5.46 inches 2K screen, RAM+64GB memory combination is 4GB ROM, the front 5 million + rear 13 million pixel camera, 2480mAh battery capacity, and the basic configuration, extensible design is its accessories the highlight, such as JBL SoundBoost Insta-Share Projector music module, projection module, Power Pack power module etc.. In addition to Moto Z, the new machine will have a series of the Moto Z Play, the price will be cheaper than the former, is expected to be 3000 yuan, the use of Xiaolong 625 processor and 3GB RAM (64GB ROM), the battery capacity is 3510mAh. What do you think? The foreign media to send Moto Z Play out of the box, and Hasselblad camera accessories:相关的主题文章: