Set to open fund blowout outsourcing capital poured into the phantom of the Opera x3210

Fixed open fund blowout phantom outsourcing capital poured into the reporter Pang Huawei reported in Guangzhou this year, will usher in a new open fund outlet, becoming the new darling of the market. In the first three quarters of 2016, there are only 91 funds set up, while in 2015 only set up a total of only 44. In addition, the Commission online, according to reporters incomplete statistics, there are still only more than and 70 in the trial of the fund set to wait for the final decision. "This year regular open funds show explosive growth, the reason is this year, as the bond market yields downward shock, the bond bull market continues, set to open fund for its high leverage characteristics can bring good returns in a bull market; on the other hand, in the stock market this year after fusing, exuberant to low risk scheduled to open debt based financial needs, including 9 months, 1 years, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years period, to a certain extent bridge bank short-term financial period, has been recognized by the market." September 28th, the steady growth of the south for 1 years regularly open bond fund manager Li Xuan told reporters. A financial investment research director Zhong Xuan into Asia also said, "I believe the future will open fund will continue to be the market ‘blitz’." "Open" blowout "this year ‘regular opening’ of the subject is very fire, but also our main varieties." A fund company marketing department told reporters. The open fund, Huaxia Hengli fixed open fund manager Liu Wanjun introduction: "there is currently on the market must be divided by investors investment targets can be divided into: bond type, mixed type, offbeat investment type and the International Fund (QDII)." From the Huaxia Fund data show that since 2016, as of last weekend (September 23rd) has 91 fixed open fund, the total share of 145 billion 973 million copies, and in 2015 the year only to set up a 44 share of the total 61 billion 202 million copies. In this year’s new set of open fund, to open the debt based majority, the proportion of 66% (only 91), accounting for the proportion of 83% (120 billion 115 million copies of 145 billion 973 million). It is worth noting that, scheduled to open debt based (60, a total of 120 billion 115 million copies) issued in the same period of the bond fund (214, total 221 billion 100 million copies) occupies half of the country, far more than stock funds (48, total 28 billion 900 million copies). Liu Wanjun told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, set the issue of debt based hot market hedging relative to enhance the relative. Since the second half of 2015, the stock market volatility, lower investor risk appetite, strong demand for low-risk financial." Liu Wanjun said. The closed operation to improve the fixed income bonds. Li Xuan said, "because there is no liquidity pressure closed period, can be more flexible in response to changes in the market to adjust the duration, you can also select some credit risk controllable but weak liquidity of high-yield bonds, long-term investment value of varieties or temporarily undervalued, to obtain liquidity premium. At the same time, the closed-end fund closed operation also avoids the introduction of new funds into the old holders of diluted earnings, asset size is conducive to the stability of the fund managers better相关的主题文章: