Seven bad habits caused a disease-plants war

Seven bad habits caused a disease many physical ailments, often from our small habits over a long time, you may inadvertently have buried the hidden trouble to their disease. The mattress "idea" allergy. Many people often wash the quilt bed mattress, but no matter. Mattress covers many allergens, dust mites, pet dander and other long-term accumulation easily lead to allergies, and even lead to skin itching, eczema and other skin diseases. Advise you, especially allergic patients, the best quarterly cleaning 1 mattresses, using soap and water washing, and often dry, and every half a year after the use of the best mattress before and after a change of position. Early morning barefoot diarrhea. Feet are the second brain of the human body, and many young people often walk barefoot on the floor in their early hours and in their hurry. This is easy to catch cold, cause stomach pain, diarrhea, for a long time, the stomach is injured. It’s better to wear a pair of soft slippers, and don’t walk barefoot. Especially in cold winter, you’d better wear socks when you get up. Not a brush cold high risk. Toothbrush every day to two or three times our mouth, not only may lead to neglect health toothbrush halitosis, toothache, may also cause influenza virus and gastrointestinal diseases. Studies have shown that if you don’t wash your toothbrush thoroughly, 15 days after the toothbrush there will be bacteria. You’d better brush your teeth every night, rinse your toothbrush 1 times with flowing water, and clean the residual toothpaste and food residue in the hair root of your toothbrush with a brush. Tight pants, chest tightness. The tights that highlight the perfect curve of the body are touted by many girls. Wearing too tight clothes for a long time, easy to oppress visceral organs, causing abdominal distension, abdominal pain. If the pants are too tight, easy to make gastric acid reflux, stimulate the esophagus, causing chest distress, chest pain. Therefore, it is recommended that people usually wear loose clothing, especially underwear should not be too tight. A pair of shoes to wear even bring tinea pedis. Because our feet and other parts of the body will sweat through the shoes in a day after will become wet, and at least 24 hours will be completely dry. Even wearing the same shoes will make the foot in wet condition, easy to breed bacteria, induced tinea pedis. I suggest you prepare two or three pairs of shoes, rotate to wear. Return home, change slippers timely, "tired" a day’s feet permeability. Long time without blinking is susceptible to dry eye syndrome. Many people don’t blink their eyes for a few minutes when reading or watching a computer. Students, office workers and drivers are susceptible to dry eye syndrome, while blinking helps to keep the eyes moist and prevent the disease. It is better to blink every 3~4 seconds, and pay more attention to reading and looking at the screen. Do not pick the place to sleep cause gastritis. A lot of people to place to sleep are not picky, the chair, the car just went to sleep. Sleeping posture is not right, easy to cause abdominal distension, and even lead to chronic gastritis, bring cervical discomfort. I suggest you are sleepy, try to sit on the sofa supine, or own folding bed lunch break. (life times)

七个坏习惯惹来一身病许多身体的小病痛,往往来自我们长期以来的小习惯,也许不经意间你就已经给自己埋下了疾病隐患。床垫“从一而终”诱发过敏。很多人被罩床单常洗,唯独不管床垫。床垫囊括了许多过敏原,尘螨、宠物毛屑等长年积存极易引发过敏,甚至引发皮肤瘙痒、湿疹等皮肤病。建议大家,尤其是过敏患者,最好每季度清理1次床垫,可用肥皂和清水洗涤,并经常晾晒,且每使用半年后最好将床垫的前后位置调换一下。早起光脚易腹泻。脚是人体的第二大脑,现在很多年轻人早起时、匆忙中常光着脚在地板上走路。这样很容易着凉,引起肚子疼、腹泻,长期如此,肠胃很受伤。大家早起最好穿一双柔软的平底拖鞋,别光脚行走,尤其在寒冷的冬天最好起床就穿上袜子。不洗牙刷感冒风险高。牙刷每天都要“光临”我们口中两三次,忽视牙刷卫生不仅可能引发口臭、牙疼,还可能引发病毒性感冒和胃肠疾病。研究表明,若不彻底清洗牙刷,使用15天后牙刷就有细菌出现。大家最好每晚刷完牙用流动水清洗1次牙刷,并用毛刷清理牙刷毛根部残余的牙膏和食物残渣。裤子太紧易胸闷。突出身体完美曲线的紧身衣受到众多女孩热捧。长时间穿着过紧的衣服,易压迫内脏器官,引起腹胀、腹痛。如果裤子太紧,易使胃酸倒流,刺激食道,引发胸闷胸痛。因此,建议大家平时多穿一些宽松的衣物,尤其贴身内衣更不宜过紧。一双鞋连着穿带来足癣。由于我们的脚和身体其他部位一样也会出汗,鞋在穿过一天之后会变得潮湿,而且至少需要24小时才会完全干透。 连着穿同一双鞋,会令脚长期处于潮湿状态下,容易繁殖病菌,诱发足癣。建议大家,准备两三双鞋,轮换着穿。回到家及时换拖鞋,让“累”了一天的脚透透气。长时间不眨眼易患干眼症。很多人看书、看电脑时经常几分钟也不眨一下眼睛。学生、上班族、开车族易患干眼症,而眨眼有助保持眼睛湿润、预防该病。建议每3~4秒最好眨一下眼,看书、看屏幕时更要注意。睡觉不挑地儿惹来胃炎。很多人对睡觉的地方一点都不挑剔,椅子上、汽车里,倒头就睡。睡觉姿势不对易引起腹胀,甚至引发慢性胃炎,带来颈椎不适。建议大家困了尽量选择在沙发上平卧,或自备折叠床午休。(生命时报)相关的主题文章: