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Shaanxi to carry out special rectification of health care products three months western network (reporter Xiong Huiling correspondent Yin Hang field) to strengthen the supervision of health care products, health care products to rectify and standardize the market order, enhance consumer confidence, from November 1st onwards, will be carried out in Shaanxi province for a period of three months of health care products special rectification action. The regulation in the field of production of health care products, focusing on the fight against unauthorized production of health products, cut corners in the production process, adulteration or not in accordance with the approved content production of health products, health care products to change the labels and instructions and production technology and production behavior health supplies microbial quality problems do not exceed the standard, according to the provisions, no batch inspection production records or batch production records are incomplete, production records and inventory records do not match, no storage record, no record sales or sales unaccounted for and other illegal acts. In the field of health care products management, focus on combating counterfeit medical products or unknown sources and product quality substandard health care products, as well as the use of conferences, lectures and other forms of illegal sales of health care products and other acts. In addition, we focus on combating illegal publicity in health care labels, manuals, advertisements, exaggerating the scope of functions, declaring health care products have disease prevention or treatment functions, and manufacturing, producing and recommending unit information of fictional health care products. Provincial Food and Drug Administration will also examine and approve health care products one by one to judge, the health care products labels, instructions and technical standards to further improve the specification, eliminate a batch of backward process, quality instability, long-term production of the product number. Provincial Food and Drug Supervision Bureau requirements, all localities should according to the actual situation of the area, organized within the jurisdiction of health supplies production and business enterprises to self-examination and supervision and inspection, and effectively check the coverage rate of 100%, especially to the area of health supplies production enterprises, pharmacies, health supplies stores and supermarket counters Yaoxie raids. First, we should seriously investigate and deal with the illegal behaviors, rectify and standardize the order of the health care products market, and promote the healthy development of the health care products industry in our province. Provincial Food and Drug Supervision Bureau of health supervision department director Ma Shengxue said: health care products are topical products regulate body functions, enhance health and good health care and other specific health effects, the certificate number by the "Shaanxi health card" and eight digits before the two generation digital form approved by the year, third, fourth digits for the product category code, four digit serial number for registration. Consumers must be to the regular stores or pharmacies to buy health care products, look for approval, obtain and keep purchase invoices (receipts), safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, if there are any illegal selling health care products, can call 12331 telephone complaints or to the local food and drug regulatory departments to reflect.

陕西开展专项清理整顿保健品三个月 西部网讯(记者 熊惠玲 通讯员 田野 尹航)为切实加强保健用品监管,整顿和规范保健用品市场秩序,增强消费信心,从11月1日起,陕西将在全省开展为期三个月的保健用品清理整顿专项行动。此次整治在保健用品生产领域,重点打击未经许可生产保健用品,在生产过程中偷工减料、掺杂掺假或者不按照批准内容生产保健用品,擅自更改保健用品标签、说明书和生产工艺行为以及生产的保健用品存在微生物超标等质量问题,不按规定检验、无批生产记录或批生产记录不完整、生产记录和入库记录不匹配、无出入库记录、无销售记录或销售去向不明等违法违规行为。在保健用品经营领域,重点打击经营假冒保健用品文号或来源不明和产品质量不合格的保健用品,以及利用会议、讲座等形式违法销售保健用品等行为。此外,重点打击在保健用品标签、说明书、广告中夸大功能范围、宣称保健用品具有疾病预防或治疗功能的以及虚构保健用品监制、出品、推荐单位信息等非法宣传行为。省食药监管局还将已审批的保健用品逐一进行研判,对保健用品产品标签、说明书和技术标准进一步完善规范,淘汰一批工艺落后、质量不稳定、长期不生产的产品文号。省食药监管局要求,各地要结合辖区实际情况,组织开展辖区内保健用品生产、经营企业自查和监督检查,切实做到检查覆盖率达到100%,尤其要对辖区内保健用品生产企业、药店、保健用品专卖店和超市药械柜台进行突击检查。对发现的违法违规行为,第一时间依法严肃查处,整顿和规范保健用品市场秩序,促进我省保健用品产业健康发展。省食药监管局保健品监管处处长马生学表示:保健用品是具有调节人体机能、增进健康和有益养生保健等特定保健功效的外用产品,其证书编号由“陕健用证字”和八位数字组成,前两位数字代表批准年份,第三、四位数字为产品类别代码,后四位数字为注册流水号。消费者一定要到正规商场或药店购买保健用品,认准批准文号,索取并妥善保留购物发票 (凭证),维护自身合法权益,如发现有任何违规、违法制售保健用品问题,可拨打12331电话投诉或向当地食药监管部门反映。相关的主题文章: