Shanghai knocked out a series of rumors spread rumors network of criminal gangs

Shanghai destroyed public opinion network rumors spread about a series of criminal gangs, the original title: Shanghai police destroyed a series of "public opinion" have spread rumors network crime gang member allowance concocted the so-called "public opinion", directed the so-called "public opinion Beidaihe conference" and "internal meetings to fabricate and disseminate the tape"…… Recently, the Ministry of public security in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, and the direct command of Liaoning, Jiangsu, Chongqing and other places to actively cooperate with the public security organs, Shanghai police successfully destroyed a online fabricate wantonly spread false information, seriously disrupting social order, serious damage to the image of the country’s criminal gang, Han Wencai and other 6 suspects were taken to the public security organs the criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law on suspicion of affray. Since the end of June this year, a member of public opinion "allowance bonus list" picture spread in the WeChat group and other social media, in mid August and the so-called "public opinion Beidaihe conference" and "network public opinion member internal meeting recording and other documents on the Internet spread, causing great concern of the majority of Internet users and foreign media websites have a serious negative impact. Ministry of public security attaches great importance to the immediate deployment of the project investigation. After careful investigation, a group of WeChat as the main platform, members throughout the country more than 20 provinces, wantonly fabricated rumors spread rumors surfaced on the internet. Under the coordination of the Ministry of public security, Shanghai public security organs in conjunction with Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Chongqing and other public security organs joint action, successfully cracked the case, in one fell swoop arrested the main members of the criminal gang. After investigation, the suspect Han Wencai (aka "Flying Fortress", male, 51 years old, college culture, Inner Mongolia Tongliao City Commission for Discipline Inspection cadres) and Tian Yuxia (the name "snow plum fragrance", female, 48 years old, high school culture, long-term living in Beijing, unemployed), Zhong Chao (screen name "mess", male, 43 years old, college culture, enterprise procurement staff), Wei Zhiqiang (screen name "Feng ah Xiao Dong, male, 31 years old, college culture, unemployed), Chen Mingxia (screen name" Lotus autumn ", female, 44 years old, Chongqing company accounting) et al., in 2014 by the WeChat group to meet, and because of opinion similar to the gathering. They frequently in the WeChat group on the hot topic of society to make radical remarks, constantly looking for online presence". Among them, Han Wencai due to speak more, active and gradually become the core of the gang, known as the leadership, Tian, Yu Xia, and others, such as the backbone of the backbone of the field, and so on, and so on, as the backbone of the group of people, such as the land of the people of the world, such as the land of the people of the world, such as the main body of the group, such as the land of the. Since June this year, in order to expand online attention, stimulation and "fool" and the disagreement of the netizen group, and get a sense of superiority in Han Wencai et al in his online "package" for the work of the government, the so-called "public opinion", and directed a series of "network public opinion". The police found that the spread of the Internet public opinion "member allowance bonuses form" there are super Zhong yong. In June 26th this year, Zhong Chao in a random selection of 33 groups of users of WeChat account information, the use of Excel software made up of the public opinion staff bonus payment table. In order to make allowance bonus table looks more credible, Chung Chao has been engaged in the work of their own work experience, fabricated a single 8相关的主题文章: