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She fired Cancer female teachers, now being grilled "in nature’s garb (Figure) original title:" she fired Cancer female teachers, now picked "LanZhou JiaoTong University post College Female Teachers Liu Lingli in nature’s garb" died in August 14th, he was expelled from school because of cancer, resulting in the final section of the road of life is suffering, but also bear a heavy blow to the spirit, at the same time in order to maintain life, Liu Lingli also set up a stall selling clothes to tolerate the pain. The dismissal was revealed after the Lanzhou Jiaotong University post College was strongly condemned by public opinion, the school under the pressure of public opinion, the 180° attitude reversal. Although the school has made 500 thousand yuan compensation for Liu Lingli’s decision, but the public did not give up. It is reported that this is not the first time to post college teachers will be expelled from the grounds of illness, and post College leader Chen Ling, who also has a lot of information worth digging. Apologize for losing money users do not buy it Liu Lingli’s parents had told the media that the daughter has been indifferent after school self. 2015, Liu Lingli expelled from the school on their own recourse to the law, in October 2015, Yuzhong County People’s court decided to resume labor relations between the two sides, but the school has not fulfilled the judgment. Things out of the disclosure after the post college practice was strongly condemned by public opinion, the attitude of the school has also undergone tremendous changes, first in August 20th in the school’s official website home page issued a note, said it would actively investigating the matter, and in August 22nd released a letter of apology in the school’s official website home page, said the school made the decision not to terminate the labor contract to grasp the real situation, and an apology for this approach. In August 23rd, Lanzhou Jiaotong University Dean Bowen Chen Ling led several leaders of the school to Liu Lingli home to apologize, Chen Ling himself said to reporters at the scene, although Liu Lingli’s dismissal document is signed by her, but she didn’t know Liu Lingli sick, then the school and Liu Lingli lawsuit, school choice appeal, but she still did not know. The same day, the two sides also signed a "reconciliation agreement", "agreement" includes LanZhou JiaoTong University post College to Liu Lingli family has reissued wages 57600 yuan, 14400 yuan compensation for funeral pensions; all 400 thousand yuan for medical expenses, family assistance payments 60 thousand yuan, 40 thousand yuan solatium, a total of 500 thousand yuan will be above three in the contract within 2 days of payment. But a series of practice of post college did not get the understanding of public opinion, Lanzhou Jiaotong University School of the school blog forwarded the letter of apology, the message is still under the piece condemning. Another illness was expelled from the teachers and teachers have been reinstated in the lawsuit according to media reports, shortly after Liu Lingli was expelled, and 3 teachers were expelled from school during illness, one teacher called Qian Yujun, August 2011 candidates to Bo Wen college, is a full-time teacher Department of basic courses of Ideological and Political Department of the end of October 2014. Diagnosis of hepatic hemangioma. After being dismissed, Qian Yujun teacher online published a long article about the expulsion of the antecedents and consequences, said he was expelled from school for leave 46 days. Hemangioma of the liver is a common benign tumor of the liver, Qian Yujun has repeatedly expressed to the school that he can do the teaching work, but still expelled. (figure.相关的主题文章: