Shengzhou spend 170 million to build this major road corridor to change-winpm

Shengzhou spend 170 million to build this major road corridor to "change" recently, the Shaoxing Shengzhou City Department of transportation began renovation of the landscape on both sides of Zhang Sheng line the road, the project involves the investment of 170 million, the Department of the Shengzhou Road on both sides of the green is the largest investment in history. Landscape renovation Sheng Zhang Sheng Zhang line line of green will be transformed into a colorful, harmonious, ecological "city name card" road. Zhang Sheng line is an important road on the east side of Shengzhou portal, connected to the core area of the south, East, Central Town Economic Development Zone, Huang Ze, is an important part of the city loop. The project is located in Shengzhou line 4K+800~10K+100 (at the junction of the original Zhang Xian Huang Sheng Zhang road to the old line segment), a total length of 5.3 km, the main content of the construction project is divided into the landscape and subgrade pavement of two parts, including road zones and non belt lifting, two side Road 15-30 meters of green building, damaged cement plate repair, non motorized road widening, the new bicycle greenway, harbor style bus stop, lighting design etc.. Total green area of about 260 thousand square meters, backfill earthwork of 320 thousand cubic meters. By the end of September, Zhang Shengzhou line of green landscape renovation has been completed all the preparatory work, the traffic department calls the 6 full-time staff responsible for the establishment of the headquarters, full-time engineering supervision. Entering the construction project officially in early October, with piecewise itemized developing ways, namely land, plantation, bus station construction can catch the simultaneous implementation, grasping the progress of the project, but also in the right season weather catch green vegetation, improve the survival rate. The whole project is expected to be completed by mid December.相关的主题文章: