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Sina Finance Evening News: September 29th evening news affecting the market summary: Sina App live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money macro news: foreign exchange bureau support authenticity, compliance of cross-border equity transfer transaction according to the foreign exchange bureau September 29th news, the State Administration of foreign exchange departments responsible for cross-border equity transfer transactions in foreign exchange management matters a reporter asked. For foreign media reports Deutsche Bank is discussing with the foreign exchange bureau will sell shares of Huaxia Bank Income remitted the report is true. In this regard, the foreign exchange bureau official said, the report does not match the facts. There is no policy barriers to foreign exchange management in this business. In accordance with the provisions of the current foreign exchange management, foreign institutions to transfer its shares in domestic institutions, can be directly in the bank for the transfer of shares and the payment of the purchase procedures, the Bank of real, compliance audit can be handled without prior approval or approval of foreign exchange bureau. Foreign exchange management departments to support the real, compliance cross-border equity transfer transactions, and actively support trade and investment facilitation. In September PMI this Saturday public cloth will be steady in line on the ups and downs of National Bureau of statistics on October 1st (Saturday) announced the September PMI data, the market is generally expected that the September manufacturing PMI is expected to be held steady above the line ups and downs. This year, the manufacturing PMI continued to hover near the line ups and downs, July fell below the line ups and downs to 49.9%, but rebounded to 50.4% again in August. For the September manufacturing PMI, the market generally believes that the data will remain at the top of the line ups and downs, but whether it will continue to pick up momentum, there are still differences. Department of Commerce: pay close attention to the study of processing trade policy differences between the Assistant Minister of Commerce Zhang Ji in 29, the Ministry of Commerce thematic conference said that since the establishment of the current government has issued 16 documents to support the development of foreign trade policy, the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will strengthen the department coordination, precise force, efforts to open up the implementation of the policy of "last kilometer" to achieve good target, stabilize foreign trade. These include, pay close attention to the study of the processing trade differentiation policy, to carry out and expand cross-border e-commerce, market procurement, foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises three new formats pilot. Nanjing in October 1st to suspend accepting loans for commercial revolution according to the Nanjing daily press group, Xialong Tiger Network September 29th news today, Nanjing housing fund management center issued a "moratorium on accepting loans for commercial revolution" document, which means that the implementation of more than a year in the Nanjing revolution business loans policy end. Clearly pointed out that the October 1, 2016 document, suspend the acceptance of commercial revolution loans application. Business loans for every revolution of September 30th 24 after the entry system should no longer approve. The central bank on Thursday to carry out 90 billion day repurchase net return of funds according to the central bank announcement, September 29th, the central bank interest rate tender to carry out 90 billion yuan repurchase operations, including 800 yuan and 10 billion yuan 14 days 28 days of varieties, the interest rate unchanged at 2.40% and 2.55% respectively. Last week the central bank jillion reverse repurchase after delivery, the central bank this week to start on相关的主题文章: