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Since December, the webcast must send a barrage of certificates, too the Sohu broadcast platform technology qualification, performance certificates and anchor real name for the record, the news broadcast content sent after the first trial, the barrage need special audit, the content must be able to block, were blacklisted and report…… This is the basic situation of the platform to be faced after December. It seems the rise of a new industry will experience a period of slow accumulation of technology, technology has reached a tipping point, a star or by sudden rise, entrepreneurs began to imitate, investors are optimistic about the new outlet, full of finance news, media reported a warm, most imitators products without a success, the industry began to cold, negative news, the government began to intervene in the new regulation, industry giants, entered a stable moment. Now, it seems that the broadcast is about to enter its final phase. Today, the state Internet Information Office issued the "Regulations on the administration of Internet broadcast services" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). In an interview, the relevant responsible person said, the introduction of the "provision" aims to promote the internet live healthy and orderly development of the industry, promote the socialist core values, safeguarding national interests and public interests, for the majority of Internet users especially the growth of young people to create a delicate gas is the network space." In addition, the media not to use the Internet to broadcast services endanger national security and undermine social stability, disrupt social order, infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of others, dissemination of pornographic and other activities prohibited by laws and regulations, shall not use the Internet information content broadcast service production, copying, publishing and dissemination are prohibited by laws and regulations." The regulations will come into effect next month, specifically, there are several noteworthy: first, a clear broadcast management body: direct broadcast of the main management body has been clear. Unified management by the state Internet information office. Violators shall be punished by the state and provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government in accordance with the provisions of the Internet information office. Two, broadcast platform qualification, show anchor certificates: later broadcast platform must obtain the qualification of Internet news information services, including the network performance to obtain the relevant legal provisions of qualification. Three, the establishment of the editor of the anchor mechanism, the news content of the first trial after the trial: to provide news broadcast live need to set up the main editor, content and interaction needs to be reviewed first. Four, the ability to block the technical requirements of the national standard: the provisions of all platforms must have direct broadcast technology blocking ability, and in line with the relevant standards. Five, the barrage in person to the audit: since then the internet live service providers should strengthen the real-time management of the comments, barrage and other live interactive links, equipped with the appropriate management personnel. Six, anchor real name for the record: the provisions pointed out that the internet live publishers based on identity documents, business license, organization code certificate authentication registration. The service provider shall review the Internet broadcast live on the Internet real identity information publisher, to the location of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the office of Internet information classification for the record, and shall be provided according to the query in the relevant law enforcement departments at. Seven, credit and blacklist system: the provisions of note相关的主题文章: