Sixty old drunk night rescue hook – fall Lake Beijing for fishing g-area meru

Sixty elderly drunk fall lake night fishing with hooks rescue – Beijing Changsha October 9th net news (correspondent Xie Huifang moment news reporter Shen Mengyan) 7 evening about 8:10, Hunan city of Loudi province Louxing square, an old drunk into the lake. Night fishing with hooks on the staff near the old clothes, let it float on the water, until the rescue personnel arrived, the elderly ashore. Subsequently, the old man was sent to hospital for treatment, has been discharged. The night of the incident, 62 year old Mr. Xie is Louxing square for a walk, a bridge to the square, saw a shadow fell into the river, Mr. Xie quickly dialed 119. Prior to this, there are night fishing officers saw the old man carrying a bottle of liquor, sitting by the lake drinking alone. We have a few (night fishing workers) is still speculation is not old, the mood is not good, did not think a few minutes later, they heard a sound "plop"." Night fishing personnel, it is estimated that because of drinking, the old man fell into the river, and did not cry for help. A few of them for lack of water, want to use the old temporary hook hung, waiting for rescue personnel rushed to the scene. Mr. Xie said that after the old man fell into the river, began to gradually sink, and drift toward the lake. A few night fishing workers rushed out of the hook, hook the elderly abdominal white shirt, with the help of buoyancy and pull rod, so that the elderly floated on the water until the fire and police rushed to the scene, the elderly ashore. Louxing Louxing district police fire brigade squadron deputy commander Zhou Xiang, when they arrived at the scene, the old man is still floating in the water, a few people are dragging fishing night fishing. Firefighters carry floating rope and emergency lights into the water, the old man dragged to the lake, took about 6 minutes, the old man successfully rescued ashore. "His lips red with cold, covered with alcohol, body shaking." Zhou Xiang said that the old man was rescued ashore, what questions are not answered, firefighters found half a bottle of wine in his bag. Emergency personnel gave him a preliminary examination to determine the risk of life, and then sent to Loudi Central Hospital for treatment. October 8th morning, firefighters to the hospital to visit the elderly and found that the elderly have left.相关的主题文章: