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Sleeping posture does not affect the baby’s face value – Sohu maternal baby’s future looks beautiful, maybe have some relationship with his childhood sleep posture! Perhaps this point many mothers will not be recognized, but it is indeed. So, what position will affect the child’s appearance? Here for everyone to do a detailed answer. A comprehensive analysis of the impact on children of different positions: 1 sleeping on the back part of the parents love to let the baby to sleep on their backs, they think the changes of facial expressions which can facilitate the observation of the baby, more convenient to take care of the baby. To highlight the baby supine head, can adjust the head. But the head was relatively flat baby, long time backs can let the baby’s head becomes more flat, sleeping too long may also spread to the face. In addition, supine may make the relaxed tongue retropulsion risk of respiratory tract obstruction. Don’t let the baby when the baby is sleeping on the back in the stuffy nose when sleeping on the back will only make his breathing became more laborious, develop bad habits from snoring. 2 lying in bed at the birth of the baby has been relatively high cheekbones, if the baby lying on the bed, it will make the baby’s cheekbones more prominent, the impact of beauty. In addition, lying on the bed will also affect the child’s breathing, if the baby had a heart and lung function is not good, will give the baby a risk. Treasure mothers should pay attention to, when the baby cold or cough can not let the baby lying on the bed, it will affect the baby’s breathing. 3 long time side. Many parents love to let the baby sleep side, although the position is very good, but the baby should change in the direction of the side sleeping 3-4 hours, so that the children are too small to receive oppression. Long time sleep, will cause the baby’s ear deformation due to oppression. Note the sleeping baby 1 newborn babies from morning to night in a sleep state, this is the parents need to observe the baby’s sleeping position, the best 4 hours to change a. 2 when the baby side should pay attention to the baby’s sleep do not squeeze the helix. 3 don’t give the newborn to sleep hard pillow, the pillow height should be moderate, and the soft cotton pad. 4 every one or two days, let the children from left side to right side, and then to the left side or back. Do not hang any items in the 5 child on the bed, to avoid children eye condition. Do you remember all of the above, in order to baby’s health, mothers must know more about the baby care common sense, let the baby sleep high yan.   相关的主题文章: