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Sleepless night, let you drink wine this Halloween, screaming out! Sohu and "Thriller fans to play ghost carnival! The ghost themed Festival, with its unique pumpkin lights, scary costumes and a variety of fun games to stimulate the world. People all over the world carnival in the decompression happy holiday, this Halloween you should go out! Don’t let any one of the carnival grounds, missish, our tenet is "entertainment for this, regardless of the image"! Of course, on how the lack of red wine called "add to the fun, but hiding in the taste of the romantic", this Halloween wine, you do? Red wine, wine consumption in China in recent years, the rapid growth of China’s wine consumption in the world’s fastest growing market. But in the "Internet plus" the impact of the tide, wine enterprises with "Internet plus" Dongfeng ", explore the new operation mode Internet plus" mode, will usher in the "Internet plus" wine industry in the spring. With the Internet + wine mode, more and more enterprises are mining. "Dry" platform with a unique internet O2O belongs to Shenzhen to do it A new force suddenly rises., Agel Ecommerce Ltd, is a domestic wine industry leading O2O platform purchase wine e-commerce company, founded less than a year’s time, will fully grasp the main line of the city liquor resources; with its powerful unique distribution model, let in every corner of the city you can be an easy job to do to the benefits of the online price net fidelity wine. Also let dry it in the wine industry’s leading position has been further strengthened, as a catalyst to accelerate the development of the domestic Internet + wine market. In the industry view, the "Internet + wine" is a product of the Internet era, while benefiting from the liquor terminal trillion level market dividend, drawbacks and the traditional marketing mode, different mode in the future for a long period of time will still coexist. Whether it is B2C, O2O or B2B, a variety of models in the future there is still room for survival, and O2O will become the ultimate model of wine sales. The distribution of the Internet economy is an inevitable trend, as do it is headquartered in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Chinese platform, currently set up branch offices in Yunnan, Fujian, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Henan and other capital city. The world of wine, wine into thousands of households. Have to do to gain a foothold in the provinces and regions, also cannot do without doing it behind the dreamer, do not forget the beginning of the heart at the forefront, breaking the traditional concept of marketing operation of liquor new business model, enterprises and customers, and more in the future want change in this new mode of growth. Less than a year, they create the China authority, and ensure the quality of genuine goods at a fair price, trusted wine purchase platform. This is a kind of belief and value, completely make Chinese hundreds of millions of friends at home, with high quality and inexpensive wine tasting. At the same time also help the wine industry to achieve the standard of unity, unity of credibility, to achieve sales results. Have to do platform integration of national 10000 entities under the line of liquor quality resources, serve the country billions of dollars of drinking buddy, do you promote the precise positioning platform brings convenient and fast!相关的主题文章: