Small separation hurt who’s heart the realistic theme of domestic drama encounters difficulti webquest

"Small separation" hurt who’s heart?   the reality of the subject of domestic drama encountered difficulties – the media – People’s original title: the reality of the "small separation" who hurt the heart? "Farewell" stills. Is Beijing TV, Dragon TV hit the urban family emotional drama "separation", the small students roasted, began to face a seemingly unsolvable problem. Represents the three sectors of the family of the children in the study of the issue of whether or not to show the different values and the reality of the situation, sparked controversy in the audience of the three. The audience was difficult child? "Little sad parting" tells the story of three families living in the same district by Huang Lei, Hai Qing’s doctor and white-collar couple, played by director Wang Jun’s wealthy family, plus Zhu Yuanyuan in the ordinary family. Three families in the face of the pressure of their own children in the exam, invariably consider sending their children to study abroad. The so-called "small part", in fact is the generalization of these future students bid farewell to parents, go into exile life. The story goes forward, the three families of different educational methods began to cause a lot of attention of the audience. Huang Lei on behalf of the city in the middle, with communication and understanding of the way and discuss whether daughter blossoming abroad; wealthy families face good-for-nothing son, want to rely on money to achieve the dream of going abroad; while the parents were community doctors and taxi drivers in the civilian family, although the daughter of outstanding, simply do not have to worry about problems to accept admission abroad high quality education, but the huge fees can even start moving from selling and adoptive daughter. "This is our life in the face of reality, the same is abroad, middle class and wealthy did not consider the question of money, children the best performance of civilian families are facing the dilemma of no." There are viewers watching the drama so far from the issue of emotion. What is more, the design of the ending may occur in reality, "the last three children were abroad, after returning the rich son to become the company’s boss, the doctor’s daughter to become the best talented novelist, daughter of the gilded civilians back into the company as a senior white-collar people rich." Some critics believe that the drama reflects the reality is too cruel, but it is the actual situation of the moment Chinese, "has been completed, the Chinese in contemporary social stratum gradually formed industrialization," Takako ‘is formed, it is difficult to re appear "towards Da Saro, at twilight Teng Tang emperor", must rely on the accumulation of generations." The director didn’t answer questions, very embarrassed "farewell", Hai Qing’s mother repeatedly stressed that such a logical relationship: "today if you can not enter the top one hundred, you can not enter the key high school; you can not enter a key high school, you can not enter the key university; enter a key university, this life is equal to you it is over." For most of the audience, this is a familiar day of the students. But in the critic "poison Sir" view, it is a kind of utilitarian oriented values, "three entangled abroad, and not foreign students have been false to itself, a ruler, become a division class threshold." He further pointed out that, "small"相关的主题文章: