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Song Zhe: I hope Hongkong can be further developed from the G20 summit in Hangzhou – International – People’s network a few days later, the eleventh session of the group of Nations (G20) summit will be held in Hangzhou. The Ministry of foreign affairs of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region MFAO correspondent Song Zhe published in 30, "Sing Tao Daily wrote, hope that Hongkong can gain momentum for further development from the G20 summit in Hangzhou. The article said that Hongkong is the world’s most free economy, international finance, trade and shipping center, an important gateway and national important window opening is between the East and West, has played a role as a bridge in the national opening. In the current world economic situation, in the context of deepening reform and opening up, we hope that Hongkong will be able to get further impetus from the G20 summit in Hangzhou. The theme of this year’s G20 summit is to build an innovative, dynamic, interactive, inclusive world economy". Song Zhe believes that this is an extension of China’s development concept in the world, but also to address the plight of China’s economic development in the world to contribute to the program. Song Zhe pointed out, whether in the field of economic development, or more widely in international affairs, Chinese all propaganda cooperation, not confrontation, with the neighbors, not to others, and to advocate cooperation equality. In the G20, whether the total economy of more than $one hundred thousand in China and the United States, or mature developed economies, or emerging market countries, are equal partners of cooperation. Song Zhe said that the development of modern science and technology makes the world become small, but we have to put the common development of the "big" cake, let more people benefit, rather than shifting contradictions, selfish. This is the first G20 summit held China, invited the chairman of the ASEAN China Laos, chairman of the African Union in Chad, Senegal, the new partnership for Africa’s development in Thailand, chairman of the group of 77 chairman, as well as Kazakhstan, Egypt and other developing countries to participate in the summit, as the history of the G20 representation of the developing countries the strongest one. Song Zhe believes that this reflects the identity of China’s largest developing countries and adhere to the protection of the rights and interests of developing countries. (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: