Sore! About 95% of China’s automatic cars equipped with foreign gearbox

Sore! About 95% of China’s automatic cars equipped with "foreign" gearbox for the car, the engine and gearbox is the most important core components. If this brand engine has some alternative to foreign brands, so the transmission field is another story: automatic cars are more and more, but our country has not been in the automatic transmission of independent research and development to achieve breakthrough production and market application, new year about 10000000 sold domestic car automatic car there are about 95% foreign brands, equipped with automatic transmission. Experts believe that the automatic transmission is the largest China automobile industry "pain points", in the development of new energy vehicles and production, draw lessons from. The core components of multinational companies rely on independent brands of "foreign" gearbox in English, and the transmission of the corresponding word is transmission, it has the meaning of "transmission", said the function of the gearbox. Another word is gearbox, that is, gearbox, the image of the gearbox is a "box" gear combination. China Gear Professional Association honorary president Wang Shengtang said, "is the symbol of gear industry, our national emblem on gear image, and the automobile gear industry accounted for nearly 2/3. In a car, small to wiper and lift glass, large to the gearbox and drive axle, all need gear. China’s gear imports are mainly used in automatic transmission." It is understood that the common automatic transmission can be divided into: hydraulic automatic transmission (AT), mechanical stepless automatic transmission (CVT), automatic mechanical transmission (AMT) and dual clutch automatic transmission (DCT). Compared with manual block, automatic car is more convenient to open, more comfortable to sit up; at the same time, advanced engine and automatic transmission combination has a high fuel economy. In Europe and the United States, even heavy trucks are generally equipped with automatic transmission. China is the world’s largest car market, in 2015 China’s auto sales were over 24 million. According to estimates, the current automatic accounted for about half of the country the national annual total car sales of about 10000000 vehicles, while the automatic car gearbox was almost Japanese Aisin, ZF, American Berg Warner and other multinational monopolies, or for foreign investment in domestic production, or pure imported. The scale of domestic automatic transmission is only about 500 thousand units. "Automatic transmission is the most painful part of China" s Auto industry." Wang Shengtang said, because of their own R & D investment, slow effect, high risk, many domestic automobile enterprises choose the "realism" of the road, namely purchasing foreign brands of automatic transmission available, long-term down has become dependent on foreign, to give up their own. To this end, China has to spend 30 billion to 50 billion yuan per year import automatic transmission. The reporters found that the current automatic gearbox brands mostly depend on foreign technology or pure import: Dongfeng brand passenger car A9, AX7, L60 adopted the Aisin 6AT gearbox, AX5 DCT using the German Getrag gearbox, Tianlong flagship Dongfeng commercial vehicle representative of the ZF gearbox; FAW the independent brand of red flag, Pentium is used Aisin automatic transmission. As for the Yellow Sea, Futian, JINGWAH and green.相关的主题文章: