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Business The impracticalities of transporting raw timber materials around the globe for manufacture in the UK has led JB Kind to source finished goods from the locations where the raw material is harvested. As an independent distributor of wood doors, JB Kind is free to form partnerships with the most appropriate door producers from all corners of the globe. JB Kind is sourcing products from four continents and are constantly researching the leading door manufacturers on an international level to develop products that can be included into our ranges. We are fortunate that our brand is well respected within the industry and we have established excellent long standing trading relationships with some of the leading door producing factories around the world. Door Sourcing Quality Control When sourcing and developing doors, JB Kind personnel will always assess their factory partners at first hand, to be sure their products achieve .plete .pliance in terms of quality and specification. This is important from the point of view of continuity of supply and the maintenance of standards. The process involves frequent factory visits to, and meetings with manufacturing partners. JB Kind would never undertake to source products on an unseen basis without being confident first hand of the ability of any of our partners. Where appropriate, the involvement of third party independent assessors provides customers with confidence that claims made for the doors can be verified. This is especially important in two areas. Sustainable Sourcing of Doors Firstly, the sustainability of the timber species we use as our chief raw material is paramount. Timber is one of the worlds few renewable resources. From an environmental point of view, JB Kind is firmly behind any initiatives that safeguard our planets future. We actively support the RSPBs campaign to preserve areas of the Harapan rain forest in Indonesia against unethical logging. Wherever possible, we support the Forestry Stewardship Councils FSC certified chain of custody scheme which indicates that the raw timber materials used in the manufacture of the final door product are certified as being from sustainable managed sources. Products .plying with this third party audited chain of custody are clearly highlighted within our marketing material. Door .pliance Secondly, .pliance with European construction industry standards is essential. When supplying timber door products that have a safety function to perform, it is vital that there is no uncertainty. .pliance with fire door legislation is mandatory and for this reason, JB Kind prefer to perform its own testing using recognised industry test houses to ensure .pliance with building regulations. We have found through experience that third party claims often from foreign jurisdictions do not always .ply satisfactorily with exacting UK or European standards. Several of our ranges are offered for sale within the BWF-Certifire scheme. This industry recognised scheme ensures that the products supplied have been independently audited to authenticate the quality and performance of the door in actual use. Whatever type of door you choose, traditional or modern, internal or external, oak or pine you can be sure that doors from JB Kind have the design and quality that will endure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: