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Spend the money on the blade! Secret 20 thousand and 160 great car configuration – Sohu car [produced] car is no secret to the development of automobile technology change rapidly, has not only confined to the powertrain level, more safety and comfort configuration from the high-end models in the mainstream models, the original distant function is flying into the homes of ordinary people, compared to some simple and effective flashy without substance. Practical configuration is more worthy of our Car Buying preferred, saying good steel used in the blade, as of 2016 is coming to an end, may wish to combine our experience, comment on today’s ten most practical car configuration: car? Secret comments: from the earliest to the reverse image, then the panoramic image, and then to the 3D seamless now the panoramic image, use body mounted multiple cameras, the system also collected around the vehicle image after image processing of the Dan Yuanyi series Intelligent algorithms, finally formed a picture around the vehicle panoramic view is displayed on the screen, can effectively nip in the bud, and strive to meet the traffic safety from parking security, parking safety to a series of security requirements, can be regarded as the highest utilization rate of the vehicle security configuration, at the same time the application rate increased dramatically, past the high-end models it has, currently own 100 thousand yuan car began carrying, late third party installation cost of about 2500-3000 yuan. Car secret comment: some people can not help but ask, since it is recommended panoramic image system, why would you recommend a full range of radar? Two seemingly the same effect, there exists a complementary role, after all, the cost is high, but there still are some visual blind spots, the radar can be more intuitive voice and figure, generally the original radar option price in 1000 yuan, third party products only a few hundred dollars can fix, it is today’s car configuration Chinese comparison high quality and inexpensive choice. The secret? Jun comments: Auto Open function is currently a very popular daily night function, safety and practicality is very high, now the technology makes the headlight function again towards intelligent, such as increasing the matrix type LED light source, enhance the lighting range and increase the brightness, bend lighting auxiliary function our common, headlight a new generation is more automatic into the distance light and other functions, for the same vehicle or to automatically switch or deflection lights, even the roadside pedestrian recognition, light suppression under the line of sight, of course, this kind of headlight function currently exists only in high-end models, is still far from popular way however, the brightness of more energy-saving LED lamp has begun to spread. The secret? Jun comments: the production and design of HUD is for the convenience of the driver, the main intention is to ensure the safety of driving, you can look straight ahead, instead of at the bow view your dashboard or control, will be absorbed in to see the real-time traffic, with the development of science and technology, HUD various functions, a variety of realize the function of display, while higher resolution, but the current number of low-end models began with the function, but the effect is just passable, after all this is not just a projection so simple, according to the windshield curve design, recommend choose high-end models more meaningful. Secret Jun comments: has been a collision.相关的主题文章: