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Spirituality As we undertake the enormous paradigm shift from believing we are all separate to believing we are all one we need to change most of the sponsoring thoughts and suppositions we have been using. Unity consciousness tells us that we are one with God and are made in the image and likeness of God. We are made of the same stuff as God and we have God’s all-knowingness. We already know all things conceptually. Part of our great collaboration with God is that upon entering the physical plane of this world we voluntarily forget about our all-knowingness. This allows us to create the life situations that lead us to know experientially all that we know conceptually. The separation paradigm has no such premise in its foundation. This belief system says that we are separate from God and that God knows everything and we don’t. In this view of the world we are continually learning things that allow us to gain knowledge. It is a limited knowledge so we must continually keep schooling ourselves in order to learn and discover new things and ideas that we didn’t know about before to get us through life. Learning seems to be the purpose of life when you are separate from all things. Learn and discover enough new things and ideas to put in your memory bank so you can use them later to make decisions about how to react to situations. We continue to do this with less and less enthusiasm until the time of our death and then hope that God will grant us entry into heaven. Beleiving you are separate from everything leads us to believe that we don’t have that much control over our destiny. One of our biggest tools seems to be our ability to use past experience to affect future out.es. God has the power to create situations to help benefit us, so sometimes we can get his help through prayer or outright begging, but we never know if he will answer our prayers or laugh at our begging. Our life seems to be pretty much in God’s hands (or the Devil’s). As we shift to the new paradigm of interconnectedness we accept the basic tenets of oneness with God. We begin to understand that our purpose is much grander than merely living out an existence on earth in order to gain entry into heaven. As a collaborator with God, we understand that we (God and all spirit children) want to experience all that we know conceptually. We know that at our core is love. To express love is joyful and glorious. To experience fullest glory fulfills this purpose. Our soul knows this. Experiencing fullest glory is our soul’s mission. When our soul is in balance with the mind, body, spirit (soul) we are better able to use the soul’s influence to help us reach the experience of fullest glory. This book will help you put your soul back in balance with your mind and body. The soul, unlike the mind and body, knows the secret that unlocks the mystery of life and puts the fun and joy into the game of life. The mind and the body are more concerned and connected to worldly matters, as they should be. The mind must process all of the in.ing worldly data, and the body must function in a capacity to fill all of our worldly physical functions. This is how it should be in the world of the relative, which is a world of relationship; our relationship to all things was created as the perfect tool in the work of the mind, body, spirit being that we are. The soul’s relationship to the mind and body is Relationship Number One. If it is not in balance, or worse, if it is .pletely ignored, then we lose out on the essential non-worldly aspect of our being. It is from this non-worldly source that our authentic power .es. It is from this non-worldly source that the greatest secrets of life are revealed. By waking up to unity consciousness and understanding the importance of our soul in this journey, we are able to unlock and use these great secrets of life. Whereas the belief that we are separate tells us to learn and discover life as we go along, unity consciousness unlocks the secret that the life process is one of creation, not of discovery. So the idea is not to just stumble and struggle your way through life, learning and discovering things along the way. Rather, the idea is to create the life you want in order to define who you are and then create the life you intend by determining who you wish to be. Wow!! Do you see the enormous paradigm shift here? This is a groundbreaking shift in perspective. When you .prehend this magnificent revelation, hold it as your truth, and begin to implement it into your life, you will begin to control your life in ways that are now unknown to you. Now, that isn’t quite correct because you do already know them, you just agreed to f.et them when you entered the physical realm. What you will do is remember them, that is, you will re-member with them and call them your own once again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: