Square dance business opportunities are now part of the app downloads have exceeded ten million ssdao

Square dance is part of the App business has been downloaded over 10 million "the vast horizon is my love……" You are my little apple……" Every night, many communities, parks will be sounded lively music, many people gathered together to jump square dance. In the eyes of some people, the square dance is just an ordinary activity in the middle of the elderly in their spare time, but in the eyes of the capital, square dance, but it means that the market opportunities. The day before, the square dance square dance video website beans get $15 million B round of financing sources outside the industry to attract the attention of many people. So, square dance how much market space? The first half of attracting millions of money into the square dance first appeared only in the older age groups as a physical exercise organized spontaneously, but due to the participation of the population continues to expand, and gradually jump across the country on both sides of the Changjiang River even jumped to the United States, New York Sunset Park, which makes part of domestic entrepreneurs at this square dance a market, and on the field of entrepreneurship, especially in 2015, many companies to enter the square dance market, making the year known as the "square dance first venture". By now in the Android market to "square dance" as the keyword search can be found, App number, there is no less than 60, such as beans, 99 square dance square dance, dancing times, Fu square dance, square dance teaching, mainly to provide live, find nearby dance team, or the interaction function and service users to upload their own works. And some people think different, such App downloads are not so pessimistic, so far, has been part of App was downloaded over a million times, the downloads on the love square dance has reached 23 million 960 thousand downloads, beans square dance also reached 22 million 140 thousand times. In view of the square dance App have gathered a certain scale of population and traffic, and some places will have consumer demand, but also to some domestic investment institutions in the field of business opportunities in the market to see the square dance. In mid October, sugar beans square dance announced that it has completed $15 million B round of financing, from the capital to lead the vote, the union of capital, also linked to capital, red dot capital with investment. It is worth noting that the phenomenon of sugar beans square dance capital investment is not a case. Beijing Daily reporter found through statistics, get millions of dollars in investment has been part of the square dance company as early as last year, while this year 5-10 month this half years, including beans, 99, times square dance dancing square dance, square dance and love have been involved in financing, the overall amount of investment has exceeded. Billion yuan. The profit mode is still in the exploratory period of feedback from the use of the square dance App users can see that most of the middle-aged people, and the App is more recognized, because it can learn more square dance works, and can be linked to the dance teacher and other dance team, realize the communication and interaction between. But in the square dance continues to attract capital and user attention, there is a key issue has been frequently mentioned, that is the square dance App profit model. According to the love square dance founder Fan Zhaoyin revealed that the current market appears square dance Ap Rui相关的主题文章: