Standing at the crossroads of fresh food, left or right – Sohu to eat and drink (video)-diqua

Standing at the crossroads of fresh food, left or right? Sohu and online shopping already thorough popular, to the digital home appliance products, to block a fraction of the 80 Fen it will be from the brain, online procurement, bursts can receive a bunch of express, with district express collection, and easy delivery, Feng nest cabinet, provides a great convenience of online shopping. In recent years, began to purchase fresh food on the Internet, but also the beginning of a tentative purchase local common ingredients, along with the Jingdong began purchasing fresh areas, high quality and low price from the Internet has become my habit of fresh ways to buy. Yuha (youhaha0) told the Jingdong fresh market visits, specially made a fresh purchase contrast, relatively large farmers market procurement from local ingredients, fresh in the Jingdong also purchasing a copy of the same ingredients, from purchasing environment, time, safety, reliability, freshness and make a price contrast. Autumn and winter season, heating is not open, stay in the house is frozen when cold, a bowl of hot soup is this season’s first choice, certainly not less meat, stewed pork ribs soup is rural family love to drink, want to buy ingredients: pork ribs, sweet corn, carrot, the list has been from the first column, the Jingdong began purchasing. Jingdong login shopping sites, click on the home page to enter the fresh, fresh plate, enter the desired ingredients into the shopping cart, orders for payment, waiting for delivery, the operation time is not more than 20 minutes, this is Rick to said, the actual operating time is shorter; when the lunch break at noon at home or at work, through a computer or mobile phone to APP at any time to fix things I want to buy, many are just before sleeping, through love fart orders, second days will be able to receive. Orders have been, the payment has been made, a single order of not more than 99 yuan, to pay the freight, static and other goods received. Second days to go to the farmers market procurement, procurement and Jingdong in order the same food market, farmers market; Bu Xi from Yuha place to Qingdao fushanhou maximum, about 5 kilometers, about 15 minutes to drive, the world light rain to cool, too smooth road. Bu Xi farmers market in about a week to come, buy the amount of each of the ingredients will be arranged are relatively large, preserved in frozen or chilled. Go to the food market of fresh area, farmers market isn’t open, but it is not a pure indoor closed, winter is very cold; I went to this day is not the weekend, not many people in the weekend, bu Xi market huge crowds of people. West of the market is very large, divided into a lot of plates, today went to the fresh area, as well as the same size of cooked food, food street, wear area, clean and tidy market. In the market of raw meat stalls many, most of them are in the brand, found the ribs, the booth brand is the old brand in Lisburn. The price tag booth, pork ribs (fine steak) 22 yuan a catty, called a rib, 970 grams of 42.70 yuan, to stall to chop, go home to save. And the exchange, pork is cold meat, from Zhucheng (Idris in Zhucheng), is a Qingdao local distributor of goods delivery. Health integration相关的主题文章: