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Steamed out of the delicious, retain more food nutrition! Two words – Sohu recently the most popular is the "baby blue thin" and "letinous edodes" you let letinous edodes think letinous edodes is very rich in nutrients not only contains high protein and low fat and polysaccharide, amino acids and vitamins letinous edodes Glutinous rice contains minced meat, meat and vegetables when bacteria and food tastes very delicious soft the weather is cold in addition to glutinous soup a bowl of delicious Steamed Rice also can let the baby taste warm although glutinous rice made Steamed Rice taste very good, but one thing is not easy to digest so I used part of the rice to replace the baby can substitute well after all it is also very delicious rice letinous edodes Glutinous rice meat formula: 50g rice, glutinous rice 20g, letinous edodes 25g, 30g, soil tenderloin Bean 25g, pumpkin 25g seasoning: soy sauce, steamed fried cooking methods: reference month: 12 months or more difficult: no difficulty for the ingredients that are not allergic to the baby. * * 1 practice of preparing food: rice, glutinous rice 50g 20g, letinous edodes 25g, 30g 25g, tenderloin, potatoes and pumpkin 25g. PS: glutinous rice contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid and starch and so on, nutrient rich, but not easy to digest. So, I used only about 1/3 of the rice, and the rest of the rice to replace, a little bit of the baby’s digestive function is not perfect, you can use all the rice instead of glutinous rice! 2 glutinous rice soaked in water overnight. PS: if you make it with rice, you don’t have to soak it in advance! 3 wash the tenderloin cut into minced meat. 4 after the water is boiled in letinous edodes for 3 minutes. PS: do the best selection of letinous edodes letinous edodes Glutinous rice dry Oh, well after the taste will be more fragrant. 5 then letinous edodes will remove and drain to the water, cut into ding. 6 Pumpkin Peel to the flesh, then cut into ding. 7 peel the carrots and cut into small cubes. 8 potatoes peeled, cut into small pieces. 9 all the ingredients were put into a small bowl of standby. Pour a little oil into the 10 pot, heat the oil into the pork minced meat, stir fry until the color white. PS: minced meat pot will stick together, must be fried scattered Oh with a spade! 11 then pour into the letinous edodes Ding, diced pumpkin, diced potatoes and carrots, stir fry for 2 minutes. According to the tastes of the child to decide whether salt or soy sauce. PS: remember to a small ignition, otherwise easy to fry paste. 12 stir evenly into a small bowl and set aside. 13 glutinous rice bubble, add appropriate amount of water. PS: water than we usually cook slightly less water can be, if you want some more soft glutinous rice, can add a little water. 14 and then a good fried minced meat and diced vegetables into glutinous rice. Worry相关的主题文章: