Step by step to the merger of antitrust investigation which step

Step by step to the merger of antitrust investigation which step? Original title: on the merits of step by step merger antitrust investigation which step? Author: antitrust investigation of Jing Bao editorial yuho drops the merger was how to carry out, should be timely notification to the public. If it is not a monopoly, to show the facts sufficient; if it is a monopoly, it must be in accordance with the law to intervene, without mercy. Drops and excellent step merger effect can be described as immediate. Since this time, many people used to travel about the car and net about car drivers complain incessantly, because travel prices soared, and the driver subsidies plunged. Passengers found that now from the sweet years square playing people excellent step to car Yuanling village, the cost is about 35 yuan, is almost two times the former. There are excellent step driver said to 25 single day Chong single award, for example, in early August there are 300 yuan subsidy, after down to $100, now only $40. Previously, subsidies to the driver is doubled. Because of consumer complaints received too much, the Shenzhen Consumer Council sent a letter to the State Department of Commerce, "should be formally to travel with the China drops yuho merger antitrust investigation". In fact, as early as yuho drops announced the merger of the Ministry of Commerce spokesman had said that the merger is not by yuho declaration to the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of commerce is in accordance with the law on pieces of excellent step merger to carry out anti-monopoly investigation, as of now, has been interviewed two times by travel, asking them to explain the reason of transactions, not declaration, submit relevant documents and materials; discussions with relevant departments and enterprises to understand the network about the car operation mode and related market competition. But the situation of the investigation, the outside world is still unknown, the impact of price increases, but it really affects people’s lives. From the first quarter of this year’s market share, the taxi drops to 85.3% of the market order at the top of the list, followed by excellent step 7.8%, easy to car and car of China are respectively 3.3% and 2.9% ranked third and fourth. Yuho drops after the merger, market share as high as 90%, although still constitute a monopoly by the facts, but such "absolute domination" is inevitably worrying. A merger on a substantial price increases, but also increased the concerns of people. When there is competition, passengers can also vote with their feet, and now basically no competition, people have to be too high prices have to bite the bullet, or simply do not sit. To be honest, I hope about the car network platform has been peibenzhuanyaohe is not realistic. It is said that prior to the merger, and step a year to burn $1 billion, drops to double this burn war certainly not sustainable, or that the price increases are inevitable, but the number rose, what was up, and in what way up, is worthy of attention. For example, one with excellent step drops began to rise, and the rate is amazing, with a market share of more than 90% of the huge monster, there are certainly reasons in the existence of monopoly on the issue of how to ask why. Right now, about the merits of the merits of the merger. Ministry of Commerce on the merits of the merits of the case of antitrust investigation carried out exactly how, and it is necessary to inform the public in a timely manner. In Hao相关的主题文章: