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Students study abroad worth? Expert: there is no need to blindly compare – China is a school season. In the past summer, many students participated in overseas study tours. Overseas study can bring what students? Parents are not worth it? How to view has become a trend of overseas travel? Recently, the reporter interviewed the investigation. "Learn" what? "Swim" what? This summer, Wuhan major training schools and institutions abroad, travel agencies have launched overseas tour products, "the European elite tour to the United States summer camp" and other popular products. A travel agency official said, Wuhan overseas study tour is in grade five or six of the primary school and middle school students. From abroad to see, most institutions are locked in the United States, Britain and other European countries. It is understood that the visa and registration number and other reasons, most of study tours to two or three months in advance booking, travel routes of well-known travel agencies boutique even need half a year in advance registration. The reporter learned from a number of agencies and travel agencies, for a period of about half a month of the study tour to visit foreign schools, the main attractions and will include the country of destination, for example to the UK will visit Oxford and Cambridge universities and some attractions. With the ordinary tour route is similar, but the study tour costs one or two times, 2 to 3 weeks of travel, travel, study abroad intermediary price ranging from 20 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan. Liu Xiaoqi Dalian Jiade English school principals recently led the 14 11 years old to 18 years old student teams over the eastern United States tour. He said that the process of studying the "tour" is not only stay in the children travel, or travel and visit the school. The relationship between teachers and students and in the country, is the surrounding environment as a classroom. The process of studying the actual, is the extension of training overseas students. "At the Gatti center in Losangeles, for example, it’s an art museum. Instead of using a tour guide, we designed a task for the children to study the map and communicate with the staff of the museum. The children have to answer the teacher’s questions, received a good effect." Liu Xiaoqi said. Reporters to some students and parents to understand in study tours, some parents hope their children as soon as possible through the study the real experience of whole English environment, developing language habits, and feel the world’s top universities famous academic atmosphere, stimulate their desire. Overseas travel harvest? Some parents said, the child came back from the performance, study abroad can gain experience and knowledge, especially in some aspects of exercise habits. A parent surnamed Wu told reporters in Dalian, let the children participate in the purpose of the study tour, is not how much to learn practical knowledge, the key lies in whether we can get some exercise. Attended the 16 day study tour of the United States, the children usually do things about procrastination, and other illnesses have improved and interest in English has improved markedly. But some parents believe that about half a month, the effect is limited, but let the child)相关的主题文章: