Studio nine old nine door door in Zhang Yixing funny.

"Studio nine" old nine door door in Zhang Yixing "funny." Zhang Yixing old nine door nine door assembly is red in February is Laogou Luyi Zhang Wu Sina entertainment news hit series "old nine door" is about to wrap up, today, the drama side again exposed to nine door assembly as the focus of the studio footage, Luyi Zhang Li Naiwen, Tsung-Han Lee, [micro-blog] [micro-blog the three dragon has been out of sight "senior level actors are finally in footage showing the true face of Mount Lu, William Chan, Zhang Yixing starring [micro-blog] continued to set the audience full of wit and humour story. In the latest exposure of the official trailer, guest starred in a corner of the Wu Laogou Luyi Zhang vivid interpretation of what is called his acting, he not only play in shining eyes, lines skill is quite deep, can be an excellent example for young actors. As the youngest Tsung-Han Lee back from time to time funny Zhang Yixing, said his long feeding is "sofa" for younger affection shows between the lines. And Li Naiwen is to share with you the warm baby with a warm thigh root tips. The trailer, Zhang Yixing to the adorable pet "three inch Ding" put it more bluntly also want to own a dog, but William Chan was a "you so busy no time to have a dog?" Back to reality. The nine door assembly shot, the original author Nanpai Sanshu also came to visit, after Zhang Yixing politely bowed, actually took the hands of the two hand hand to hold the dog uncle, uncle warmth". He had friends called the "old nine door" crew of pistachio, little sun, so it is really a well deserved reputation.相关的主题文章: